OUT 29 Sept. 2017: [51bts053] Acid Castello: Woman5000


OUT 29.09.2017 || Acid, Electro


Bonus track: Navigator 101” FREE DWLD @XLR8R


@ TRAX Magazine (Paris)

@ SINCHI Collective (Amsterdam) “…From Drexciya to Atkins & beyond, there are numerous inspirations that course through this release. But don’t think this is some sort of tribute act: on the contrary, Acid Castello put their own stamp on these sounds in a manner that’s both unique and refreshing. We especially loved ‘ the land of the holy river’ and think you will too…”

@ TSINOSHI Bar (Milan) “….il trio composto da Marcio McFly, Bhonz ed Endo, vecchie conoscenze del panorama techno milanese, ha finalmente annunciato l’uscita della prima release, un album, in arrivo sulla label elettronica meneghina 51Beats, che tante volte abbiamo incontrato da queste parti grazie a release di qualità ed eventi sparsi all’ombra della Madonnina e non solo.”

@ the SUBMARINE (IT) about The Land of the Holy River: “…Bassi profondi e suoni perfetti per fare da colonna sonora a un classico di John Carpenter, o a una puntata di Stranger Things andata storta.”

@ XLR8R (Los Angeles)  “‎…collection of intergalactic dancefloor bombs that are sure to warp minds.”

In support of the forthcoming release, Marcio, Bhonz, and Endo have offered up “Navigator 101” as today’s XLR8Rdownload. Like those on the album, it’s a track with tough, drum-machine rhythms and snaking acid lines, a track that, when played at the right time, will undoubtedly cause mass hysteria in a club.”

@ 6am-group (Los Angeles) “…the album gets underway with “Trust No One”, which we are premiering today, one of the album’s more moody numbers…‎”‎




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