[REVIEW] Tracya @Vicious Magazine!


“El conjunto del disco consigue dotar de introspección, una energía y luz crepuscular absorbente, y que cierran un disco que sabe cómo convertir la pulpa musical en un refrescante zumo de ambrosía.”

“….situado en el extremo opuesto de lo comercial, lo genérico, lo que funciona: lo que hace es, por el contrario, una especie de magma inestable de pulsaciones y resplandores, de trazos melódicos y texturas difuminadas, persiguiendo una expresión serena, espiritual, casi ascética.”

[51bts072] Tracya: Mindflux


18.11.2022 || Electronic, Atmospheric Techno

Late night, you’re wandering around some empty street you can’t recognize, occasionally passing by someone who’s as deep into their thoughts as you are. You manage to jump into a bus right after rain starts pouring on the quiet city. As it starts moving, you take out your headphones and play some tunes. The city’s lights and the rain on the windshield create a blurred background. This is the setting Mindflux is the soundtrack of.” (Tracya)

The ep contains five tracks with a strong electro influence and an hypnotic atmosphere:
>> Opening song “Shrine” is focused on the difference between the evolving riff, and the static sub-bass.
>> “Pulse+” is characterised by a deeper contrast between the acidic main melody and bassline, and aethereal pads scattered across the track.
>> “Culprit” maintains the energy level reached with the previous song. A synthetic voice reminds us that we’re still deep into a realm created by oscillators, envelopes and signal processors.
>> “The Frustration of the Z” shifts the focus back on the evolution of the bassline and main riff. Both of them have been sequenced with a combination of Max devices, which allowed the melodies to flow freely and in a unpredictable way.
>> “Mindflux” is a journey into spacey atmosphere, where the shiny melody jumps around a bouncy and dark bass.

[51bts071] Savnko: notgood@sports


07.10.2022 || Electronic R&B

The “notgood@sports” EP is composed of two original songs by Savnko: notgood@sports and c’mon, accompanied by a bunch of remixes by 51Beats’s artists and friends: Crayon Mortel, Double Precision, Giacomo Vanelli, Joao Ceser, Random Name, and Tracya.
notgood@sports aims at infusing the daily bitterness surrounding us, ranging from the uncertainty about the future to the tiredness and frustration connected to our daily routines. It is difficult to sonically classify the original notgood@sports, with “electronic R&B” likely being the most well-fitting. Then we jump to the bouncy interpretation by Joao Ceser, followed by the “sweet electronic groove” by Giacomo Vanelli. Crayon Mortel’s version follows with his unmistakable “dub-garage beats” that nicely introduce the unique Tracya’s “trippy version”. The last interpretation flies with Double Precision who inject a “profound atmospheric closure”.
c’mon has been pre-released the 14th of July and within the 2022 Netlabel Day, and it is still free to download with CC license (51beats – Savnko-cmon). c’mon is against any use of weapons, manifesting our worriness about the near future. The “lively electronic pop” original version is interpreted by Random Name with the most energetic track closing the release leaving you breathless!

[51vin004] VV.AA. Modular Cuisine


24.09.2021 || electronic, electro, ambient, techno

MODULAR CUISINE is an event, a vinyl, a charity auction.
During the event, our artists “interpret” local food with live exhibitions. An exclusive vinyl is jointly released, and during the event uniquely-painted copies are exhibited in the framework of a charity auction.



Robidat (51Beats Label manager), interviewed by Andy Morello (Radio 20158), speaks about the origin of 51Beats and recalls some crucial steps that shaped 51Beats as it is now…. with a view about the future….

The interview flows within a curated playlist with Gollywop, Marcio McFly, Youarehere, Adriano Canzian, Plasman, Cani Giganti, and Savnko –> ENJOY!