[PREMIERE’] Laverna meets 51beats // Rhess @the Mix premiered @Son of Marketing !


Some netlabels seem to be the most interesting realities in modern times, capable of a great path of research of new artists and new sounds; accurate selections and attention/focus on details. Lavena (its sublabel Falerna) and 51beats fit entirely this way to think music which brings to the deep meaning of art.

[PODCAST] Robidat @Euphonics (London) !


“…an energetic vinyl only mix.”

“Since establishing a few years back, 51 Beats has quickly emerged as one of Italy’s most eclectic labels, and is just as likely to host discerning techno from The Analogue Cops as it is acid business from Acid Castello and more obscure beats from up-and-comers such as Tracya & Crayon Mortel.”