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Horror Pleni
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techno , minimal , acid

Horror Pleni

Horror Pleni is experimental techno in contemporary form of minimalism, between Actress and Four Tet, but it crumbles in the subsoil or better in underworld red as blood. The album carries the listener in psychedelic fogs and isolate atmospheres, while the incessant advance of 4/4 gets more granitic. The moving through the nine tracks is made by stable and inescapable steps, between clear and obsessive visions of the past and noising dreams for men from the future. Mind is free to fly, while body slides through seediest part of hell. The album begins with a palpitation “Wasted Summer”: something got wrong and rhythm chases changeable and enraged, with heavy pace. “Dreaming Baby Balcony” is light and shadow, between acid rays of sun and rasping wind, under an orange sky. “Live Twice” converts in sound two beings in opposition: sweetly gloomy melody and frenetic rhythm fuse in balanced contradiction. “Inside a Candy” is a scary trip who first digests you and lately spits you in a highly toxic mixture. In the very middle of the album, “Leave the Land” is a fugitive heart from its missing beat, in the Space. With the unique vocal of the album, “Rana Delay” it’s a pause from obsessive atmospheres, replaced with gothic taste for a while. “Horror Pleni” condenses all suggestions in stratified and chasing emotions. “Sidi Bouzid to Cairo” (Checkpoint 303 reworked) doesn’t take prisoners, shooting on sight in 4/4. “Krome” says goodbye to the first artistic album from Idga, getting to subsoil by procession of killer percussions. Mind is already free, just remains sinking body.                                                                                                                                     [Maracuja&Plasman]



This is a very important release for us, since it marks an important step into the most modern music releasing approach. You can use this music whatever you like as far as it is for a private use/context. Please, feel free to copy-paste-send this release to your best friend or dj and to play it during your own private parties -->enjoy it !! 
At the same time these works are regularly registered to the Danish Collecting Rights Society "Koda", which will collect royalties in the behalf of the artist/composer: IDGA, and the publisher: 51beats, when this music will be employed in any commercial context. 
We believe this is close to the ideal approach toward the most intelligent way of publishing music and arts, today. FIRST TIME IN ITALY / PER LA PRIMA VOLTA IN ITALIA 

about this artist

IDGA is as an italian electronic producer who grew up with post-punk. Lover of idm, industrial, electro and minimal techno, he plays slanted, skinny and experimental electronic music. Introspective dark beats, twilight tunes that winks to the dance floor: these are the main ingredients to make Idga everyday feels better. After his first self-titled EP on Stato Elettrico, Idga released “In the meantime” Ep on Electronic Fog Records. His first album "Horror Pleni" is been published by 51beats. In 2015 he produced the EP "No Glitter, No Pictures", the third vinyl release by 51beats, that contains also a remix by Lucretio (Analogue Cops).

IDGA plays Clavia Nordlead 2x, Korg Electribe MX + SX, Korg Monotron, Novation Drumstation, Yamaha SU 200, Korg Kaoss Pad 3, Boss DD6, Soundprism APP  for iOS 6, Nagi APP for iOS 6.

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No Pictures, No Glitter
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Rockerilla June 2013 "...meraviglia di pulsazione mai immobile, pastosità soniche create per permettere quel tuffo primordiale con il corpo ma anche, e soprattutto, con la mente."

Sounds Behind the Corner ".... tentazioni clubber per nuovi moduli dance Intelligence."

Frequencies "...Horror Pleni, un disco principalmente techno dal sound caldo ed analogico tendente a divagazioni ritmiche non convenzionali."  "Complimenti ad Idga per un esordio di buon livello, un progetto organico con solide fondamenta, ed alla51Beats ormai tra i punti fermi dell’underground italiano."




Richie Hawtin (Minus), Tomas Shumacher (Get Physical, Noir / Electric Ballroom
Mate), SLAM (Orde Meikle) (Soma // Slam - Various), Cocoberlin, LAURENT N., Nudisco, Marcel Sareyka (Partysan Nord /, Robert Grand (additan radio) (Additan Recordings), Mag - Tsugi (Tsugi magazine), Mario Spit (Consumed Records), Alexander Bien (, Flamen (Giraphone Rec.), D.Kowalski (Space Panorama rec), Mozaic (Travieso, Nexus), and more will come ;)....


Mag Tsugi: "nice sounds"

Laurent N: "Nice stuff & tracks here. Will play & Support"

R. Hawtin: "downloaded for R. Hawtin!"

Partysan: "Weired techno, sounds nice!"

A. Bien ( "Solid release! Downloading for "

Mozaic: "This is excellent, very cinematic !"

D. Kowalski: "Sidi Bouzid to Cairo - checkpoint 303 reworkis cool! Thanks!"  

T. Schumacher: "Rana Delay!"-->awesome!!!!




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Sept 2015 IDGA - Sidi Bouzid to Cairo (Checkpoint 303 rework) in the WRECK THIS MESS - PARIS (RAdio Liberation) playlist of 22-09-2015