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"THEN" guides us in a trip inside Martino Nencioni's experimental electronics. Analogical sound patterns compose themselves chasing acoustic melodies, soon swallowed and ousted by effects and rhythmic those create complex texture, still sounding simple, fluid and charming. Techno and Psychedelic IDM flee from them boundaries while generate a dynamic cross over, which sounds innovative. Explicit calls are turned to the school of Manchester of Claro Intelecto and Andy Stott and to the Aphex Twin's Analords (for the more nineties sounds) that are developed in personal and actual way. “THEN” includes all the trip moments and if it is the journey that counts, hoping to never reach the arrive is what one needs, holding between the intro “Hug” and the outro “Cold” that ends in an interference, suggesting the destination without expressing it, and throwing us inside infinite. Have a good path.

words by Maracuja

Pictures and graphics by Giulio Di Mauro - 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License



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Martino Nencioni is an electronic musician since fifteen years. In his productions use analog and digital instruments as well as field recording and classical instruments that integrates in its productions. He is a member of Riga since eleven years with whom he has released two albums and a third soon to be released , he played in various clubs , bars , art galleries and participated in electronic digital culture festival italian and international. Among the latest projects in progress include the participation in the Fanciulli Goom for which he has also taken care of mixing and mastering of the latest album - # 1 - He has a mainly british music background with a particular passion for experimental sounds but its productions take their cue from any noise, beats, ambient sounds of everyday life - not being tied to a genre - something that inevitably leads him to beat free and instinctive sound paths. “THEN” is his first solo album.

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Rockerilla May 2014 "...una boccata di ossigeno per chi è cresciuto seguendo i percorsi digitali del nuovo suono inglese degli anni '90." 

Barnaba Ponchielli (Sangue Disken) "8 gommosità lisergiche che fanno l'occhiolino al dancefloor con intelligenza atmosferica e aperture psychokraute coinvolgenti e mai banali."

Frequencies "A livello emozionale il disco è pura beatitudine ecstatica tra granuli di pasticche trancey e qualche sniffata dei New Order ibizenchi di Technique."

Sodapop "ci si ritrova a ondeggiare nella commistione melodia agrodolce di matrice Roland - ambientale con beats profondi, secchi e chirurgici ma mai scontati. Buona combinazione...."

MilanoX "...a base di suoni lunghi, acidi e dissonanti..."

Intruders TV (France) "fluid’n'mesmerizing trip into melodic Techno and Psychedelic IDM soundscapes"

Beach Slot "..THEN is a fun energetic rush of an album."

Ziklibrenbib "...son album Then fait la synthèse entre electronica enveloppante (Hug, Widespreadwave)  et electro pop plus enjouée (Whitecats, Tp) proche du son des anglais de Plaid."



Sodapop fizz podcast 9 oct 2014

'HUG' by Martino Nencioni mixed in "Made in Italy" by STRA








Border Radio - The Needle, puntata 5 mixcloud