[51bts051-51bts005CD] VV.AA. Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 2

GRAVITY AND QUANTUM MECHANICS ARE OUR EMOTIONS, RITHMS, AND DREAMS 51st Release Anniversary out 17 February 2017, “Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 2” marks our 51st digital release, a … Read more

[REVIEW] Tracya: The Abyss (debut album!) @ Beach Sloth (UK)



“Tracya’s “The Abyss” is a fully immersive experience of highly thoughtful, intricate  layers of sound. Effortlessly tying together ambient, IDM, and techno into a dazzling whole the songs radiate warmth. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance as the melodies are rather gorgeous in nature, being tweaked ever so slightly to create a constantly shifting mood. How Tracya lets these pieces evolve gives them a naturalistic hue.  By giving these songs an ample terrain to explore, at times Tracya’s work feels highly reminiscent of early Warp Records releases”