[51bts053] Acid Castello: Woman5000


29.09.2017 || Acid, Electro

Creative Commons License “Woman5000” by Acid Castello is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Written and produced by Acid Castello | Percussions in “Landing on Conga Planets” by Davide Contento | Mastering by Shari Delorian @ Blau Studio Milano


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[XLR8R Los Angeles] the bonus track “Navigator 101” by Acid Castello in FREE Download!



“‎…collection of intergalactic dancefloor bombs that are sure to warp minds.”
“In support of the forthcoming release, Marcio, Bhonz, and Endo have offered up “Navigator 101” as today’s XLR8Rdownload. Like those on the album, it’s a track with tough, drum-machine rhythms and snaking acid lines, a track that, when played at the right time, will undoubtedly cause mass hysteria in a club.”