[51bts034] The Swindler Beat: Nabu’


A journey through the stars. The spaceship conducted by Isaac and Elia takes us far away, where time and space mix together and we feel free to move at the rhythm of the bass and the drums. Overthere, only the emotions and the positive vibrations of the groove made in TSB are worthy. More than one year of hard work in the studio plus some fresh “tests” in the most underground clubs of Milan, able our heroes to build up this gem of contemporary dance music. “Nabu'”fuses techno, electrofunk, and nu-disco. This work is intense and put forward TSB following their previously releases “Sentire la Notte” on 51beats label. “Nabù”: Have a nice trip man! As part of an exciting italian-southafrican joint-releasing project, “Nabu'” is released on 51beats and Bushmen Records. Follow us!


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The Swindler Beat is Elia Rocca and Isaac Dante. Analogical sounds, synths, drum machines, cables and hands up in the air are the actors of The Swindler Beat project. Their live is a mixture of energetic techno, electrofunk, and mysterious atmospheres, for a genuine analogue clubbing experience. Following their debut album “Sentire la Notte“, 51beats published “Nabu’” in November 2011, a groovy concept album that fuses techno, electrofunk and nu-disco. 




netlabellifeSuoni ricercati, aggressivi ed acidi…”schizzamenti” di pan-pot, bass-drum che rendono impossibile l’immobilità di un qualsiasi arto od elemento corporeo, che sia il collo, la testa o un sopracciglio. “t_train” mi fa sobbalzare sulla sedia…

Sounds Behind The Corner: “…elettronica senza riferimenti tangibili: se siete abituati ad ascoltare la musica con un navigatore che vi traccia il percorso ora spegnetelo perché Isaac ed Elia possono permettersi di vagare con i loro synth ovunque, l’unico scopo è far ballare e possibilmente lasciare una traccia che non sia solamente dance, in chi ascolta, e ci riescono…”







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