[INTERVIEW] Tonylight shares his thoughts about the recent Lumanoide @York Calling (UK)!


“Admittedly, I’ve never been a massive fan of the EDM genres, but when it’s this good, I can’t help but love it! Tonylight is an amazing producer and artist who has recently released a new album, titled Lumanoide. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to and I’m sure fans of the EDM scene will dig it – find out more about the record below! (Jane Howkins, YC)

[REVIEW] Tonylight’s “Lumanoide” makes a stop at the glorious FREQUENCIES Italian fanzine!


Il sound è fresco …., fisicamente godereccio come le notti anni ’90, mentalista.
Nove tracce per provare l’ebbrezza di vivere come Pac-Man: sempre in movimento dentro un labirinto buio inseguito da fantasmini colorati…”

[REVIEW] Music For All (Brazil) catched up the “majestic presentation of colors and sensations” in Tonylight’s album “Lumanoide”…


An elaborate box of enthusiasm and smiles, for young people who have been around for a long time, brings back the nostalgic moments of adventure and freedom, for modern people, a vintage aura that promises great possibilities.”

[REVIEW] Tonilight’s “Lumanoide” lands in Brazil @Roadie Music!


“Tonylight made Lumanoide an infectious album in its dancing vein through its acidic, strident and sweet sounds. Flirting with house music and taking the form of a synonym for chiptune, the 8bit present here makes the listener even – and sometimes – have the impression of being inside the universe of video games.”

[51bts078] Tonylight: Lumanoide


09.05.2024 || 8bit, Chiptune, Acid, Techno

Tonylight, a genuine master of the 8bit music scene, takes the advantage of his long-standing experience in the sound machines’ design and production within LEP (“Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare”), to constantly change his set-up to shape new tracks, always maintaining a characteristic pure analogue and instinctive approach in all his compositions.
Lumanoide” sounds raw, acid and old-school, with unsettling dynamics and motorik rhythms. This latest album by Tonylight can be viewed as a fully-matured version of the previously produced albums that were almost entirely based on the use of Gameboy and Nanoloop. The creative verve is the same, but the sounds are full-bodied, deep, intense, and obtained by exploiting a recently produced Danish groove-box to its limits. Lumanoide is inspired by the unforgettable nights in the clubs of the 90s, and all tracks are 120 bpm, in homage to the Marco Dionigi’s “slow motion” djsets.
The name of the album comes from “Lumanoise”, one of the synths produced by LEP, of which Tonylight is one of the founders.

Music by Antonio Cavadini (aka Tonylight)
Cover Art by Danilo Vadis