[51vin004] VV.AA. Modular Cuisine


24.09.2021 || electronic, electro, ambient, techno

MODULAR CUISINE is an event, a vinyl, a charity auction.
During the event, our artists “interpret” local food with live exhibitions. An exclusive vinyl is jointly released, and during the event uniquely-painted copies are exhibited in the framework of a charity auction.

Our first experience is shaped by:

•ACID CASTELLO – analogue-infused electro and crafty acid sounds”

•ANDY MORELLO – “unique merge of dub, ambient and experimental electronic music”

•IDRA – “charming ambient soundscapes”

•JOAO CESER – “deeply atmospheric dance”

•VOSM – “solid and sweet rhythms”

Vinyl is available @51Beats SHOP || Digital release at Juno and all major stores

Side A (front):

Acid Castello: Sharp Razor (6:15)

Andy Morello: Unpredictable Positronic Failure (7:29)

Side B (logo):

IDRA: Interferance (6:00)

Joao Ceser: Adda (4:08)

VOSM: Hold Your Breath (4:21)

Graphics by Andy Morello, photo by Sauro Sorana, mastering by Pitch the Noise Studios. Published by 51Beats.

Modular Cuisine is a 51Beats project that has been shaped in collaboration with Milano Modulare and Pitch the Noise, with the Patronage of Comune di Zibido San Giacomo.

[REVIEW] Hana Sent reviewed on Rockerilla!



“…Un gusto particolarmente elegante e giocoso che fa dell’ironia e della spensieratezza i perni sui quali si basa una produzione che contiene di tutto e di piu’: house music, computer music, analogic sound, toy sound, balearic groove,…”

“…siamo convinti servano produzioni come questa per sciogliere quella modalita’ del prendiamoci sul serio che non ha mai abbandonato il pensiero elettronico italiano…”

(Mirco Salvadori, Massimo Caner)