[PREMIERE] Adriano Canzian_Ultraviolet @Moskalus channel


“Genuine sounds of da underground! Love this raw, acidic techno gem!”

Ultraviolet” is taken from the forthcoming “AGGRESSIVA_EP” by Adriano Canzian, to be published the 26th of May at 51Beats

Since 2003, Canzian is shaping a uniquely characterizing sound, which wisely deflagrates in AGGRESSIVA_EP. 51Beats is honoured to catch this up, and to celebrate the Adriano Canzian comeback!

AGGRESSIVA will be a 5 tracks EP, and 3 additional bonus tracks will be exclusively included in the limited edition CD on Bandcamp here: 51beats.bandcamp.com/

in the meantime, go back 10years to enjoy Macho Boy Females Reworked edition 2013:

[Premiere] PARKETT reveals the Joao Ceser’s remix of “notgood@sports” by Savnko!


“….un’interessante commistione di generi: elettronica, pop ed anche R&B, mostrando come la curiosità e l’apertura culturale del produttore milanese possano dare frutto ad un sound coinvolgente.”