2021 so far @51Beats….


2021 is very succesfull so far @51Beats. We’re thrilled to tirelessly look for new music and new friends to get on board with us.

We started in February with Andy Morello&Duscio: “Electricults”. According to ElectronicGroove, their debut-album “…is the balanced ensemble of intricate structures and killer rhythms for a magnificent dance on Orion.” Within “Electricults”, Andy&Duscio fruitfully interact by merging modular synthesizers and drum machines, with an eye open to the most intelligent dancefloor.

In March, we welcomed Joao Ceser with his Fiumi.brz, an imaginary daily walk around his secret places in Brianza. According to XLR8R (Los Angeles), “….the four tracks feature stunning modular synth lines and subtle wandering percussion from Ceser’s analog-focused collection“, with “Seveso” indicated as an “Euphoric Synth” track…., and “Adda” being incuded in the Best Music selection of March 2021.

April marked the come-back of Plasman with his “Circles and Circles”, also available as an exclusive musicassette. Again picked-up by XLR8R (Los Angeles), the album has been identified as “…an imaginary journey through the universe and a contemplation of the distant stars and planets, and this results in an extremely psychedelic release”, with “Underwater Still Life” being inserted in their Best Music selection of April 2021 as “a slice of mesmerizing electro from Milan”.

…and the latest is from our beloved Tracya with his “Mirroman” , where He “…energetically emphasizes the contrast between synthesizers and static pads, keeping exploring his trademark ambient-techno soundscapes by merging with a four-on-the-floor kick drum“, ….according to Deep House Sweden….. cheers 🙂

Next to come in 2021: Joao Ceser, Acid Castello, and many more….

[PODCAST] Esclusive mix by Acid Castello @ Clubberia (Japan)



80・90年代の映画にサウンドトラックを作る「Acid FIlm Festival」っていうプロジェクトをやっているんだけど、このミックスはそのプロジェクトからのライブカット。アナログ機材Soundcraft 8 chとMotu mk3を使った。


[PRESS] Back To Mine with Acid Castello on DMC World Magazine


The best electronic musicians, the ones who really should be at the top of the tree, are the ones who really know their shit. Acid Castello are one such trio. The Italian live act has earned rave reviews across the board for their debut album, Woman 5000. An intoxicating blend of acid techno, it’s a stunning effort of the type we’ve not encountered for some time. Below, they delve deep into their music collections before summoning up a collection of straight-up gems you’re sure to adore every bit as much as we do…