[51bts074] Plasman: Variable Mira


29.09.2023 || Electronic, Ambient, Drone, Kosmiche Musik

51beats presents VARIABLE MIRA, a new electronic collection by Plasman, 6 neocosmic tracks designed to travel through time, polyrhythm and sound layering.

Recorded with a 4-track on magnetic tape, VARIABLE MIRA collects six electronic compositions created by Plasman by using analog synths and modular systems.

Composed between 2021 – 2022 and presented by the Italian label 51beats, the six tracks share the taste for the simultaneous use of rhythmic layers and sound stratification. The superimposed alternations of arpeggios, phases and counter-phases, beats and dilations generate sound-flows that drive the ear – and the imagination – to a place without dimensions, a singular fracture of Time: from which era do the notes come from? What time are we in? And how much time has passed?

Divided into two main blocks, the tracks follow a narration characterized by two different styles: the first group of compositions – Variable Mira; No Gravity Landing; Banyan Walk – recalls the ambient tradition, while the second narrative block – Levitating Chords; Lost Dimension; Neon Plant – becomes openly cosmic, to stimulate the genesis of a sense of ecstasy and trance in the listener.

VARIABLE MIRA is a collection of sounds born out of the pleasure for creation; it relies on the comfort of familiar sound environments and sound tastes; the only thing that matters is the relationship between man and machine.

The six extemporaneous executions of VARIABLE MIRA are impossible to be replicated: the imperfection, and the uniqueness – but also the complete absence of digital controls and the rejection of the almost infinite possibilities of a DAW – bring these tracks very close to the intimate idea of Nature.

Partially inspired by the neocosmic atmospheres of Jonathan Fitoussi and DSR Lines, VARIABLE MIRA is above all a sound tale about ambivalences: the music is synthetic but its structures recalls Natural behaviors – i.e.: repetition, cycle, patterns; the tracks are characterized by solids and voids, a carved tunnel of present/absent sounds that are misaligned in time, elements that pulsate like classes of stars – the variables Mira. Each piece of music is unique, unrepeatable like an element of Nature, ambiguous like the landscape photographed by Cristina di Tommaso that stands out on the cover: will it really be a natural, terrestrial place or is it perhaps an artificial, alien construction?

VARIABLE MIRA recalls pioneering works, precise ideas already heard, written and historicized; it is the destination of a desired journey that seeks the serenity of an expected sensation or an already known and, for this reason, desired effect.


Music: Plasman

Mastering: Michele Vitale

Cover photo: Cristina di Tommaso

[51bts007CD] Adriano Canzian: AGGRESSIVA_EP


26.05.2023 || Techno, Old School || Digital & originally-signed limited ed. CD

Adriano Canzian grew up listening electronic music since he was 14. He was particularly shocked by the late eighties-early nighties sounds, mainly following artists like Armando, Robert Armani, Lil Luis, Amnesia, Adonis, KLF e The Orb …. and collecting vinyls from labels such as MG Records, Warp Records, Antler-Subway Records, Trax Records, Westbrook Records…

Within his new EP “AGGRESSIVA“, Adriano showcases those elementary patterns to engage an obsessive atmosphere with sounds that sometimes appear to directly originate from a hardware shop. Infinite loops, never-boring and harmoniously hypnotizing tracks, all built with very few elements, as typically done in the late eighties. The result is simultaneously frenetic, seductive, and magnetic, an EP that could only be created by an artist fully immersed in those times…

Since 2003, Canzian is shaping a uniquely characterizing sound, which wisely deflagrates in AGGRESSIVA_EP. 51Beats is honoured to catch this up, and to celebrate the Adriano Canzian comeback!

[3 additional bonus tracks (Movida 1990, 1.2.0 and The March) are exclusivley available on CD and Bandcamp]


15Years of 51Beats!


It has been a long and enthusiastic journey since the 1st of March 2008, when the first two releases by Gollywop and Spectacular Synthesizer were jointly released through our ‘home made’ website, without any social media, but with a good bottle of Prosecco! We are very happy so far: bunch of releases by emerging artists, parties, vinyls, and so many new connections and relationships have been established along the path, but most importantly: new friendships that will last forever.

Now we celebrate!

PARTY: Sunday 26 March 2023 @ARCI Bellezza (Milan): Dj Barefoot (live), Better Call Savnko (live), and 51Beats Djset (Robidat, Gollywop, Plasman, Andy Morello, and Alan Dj)

NEW RELEASE: we skyrocket “Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3“, the new episode of the label’s collection of emotions and dreams. It will be out in digital and exclusive limited edition CD, and officially presented at the party!

[EVENT] Elettrica-02 @Cascina Torchiera, Saturday 11 February



Un evento che nasce dalla collaborazione di Milano Modulare, Joao Ceser, Pitch The Noise e
51beats. I collettivi di musica elettronica legati all’area milanese si fondono come un Voltron, per dare vita a ELETTRICA-02, portando artisti elettronici sul palco del Torchiera, senza limiti di genere, per un’esperienza immersiva tra i movimenti underground e sperimentali della città.

ELETTRICA-02, è un evento che nasce dall’esperienza di Elettrica-039, rassegna dedicata alla divulgazione della cultura musicale elettronica che ha avuto come sede il mitico Bloom di Mezzago.

ELETTRICA-02 vuole valorizzare al massimo ogni performance artistica, cercando di creare
connessioni, non solo tra le macchine, ma anche tra le persone.

Continuano le danze per celebrare i 15 anni di 51Beats ! >>> Direttamente dal nostro roster si esibiranno LIVE Joao Ceser ed Andy Morello ed a seguire Dj set di Plasman, Robidat e Gollywop con farciture allo scratch di Alan DJ

Ingresso dalle 22:00 a sottoscrizione (line up completa ed aggiornamenti all’evento facebook)

[51bts073] Joao Ceser: BRZ


27.01.2023 || Electronic, IDM

BRZ is the last chapter of the “.brz” series, an ode to the place that is actually hosting Joao Ceser. “BRZ” follows “Fiumi.brz”, “Finestra.brz”, and “Orto.brz”, all released by 51Beats, being another jump into the bouncy & rounded sounds characterizing Joao’s sonic creatures. The first “039” track immediately focusses your attention to the purest mind-opening modular structures that Joao engineers within his custom-built modular set. “BRZ” is a pleasant trippy-IDM track that opportunistically drives you to “MB”, the straight-to-the-dancefloor closing track that leaves you with the incommensurate desire to see and dance Joao Cesar modular-live performances as soon as possible!

“There is no need to travel an infinite long distance to find beauty and peace, and that’s why I’m grateful for living here, in Brianza, in my district (039), near the chief town Monza (MB)” (Joao Ceser).