[REVIEW] Discover The New EP “BRZ” By Artist Joao Ceser at INFO MUSIC

From start to finish, its melody has us feeling introspectively moody, with a set of deep, dreamy atmospheric cuts that will reset your body and soul. These songs feature gorgeous modular synth lines and subtle wandering percussion from Ceser’s analog collection.

[REVIEW] Joao’s BRZ @No Transmission “Let’s call it poetronic!”

“Ceser brings a sense of his environment to his mixes, built upon judiciously simple percussion, uplifting melodies that repeat hypnotically, and lofty electronic experiments” …. “Released on the ever-reliable 51Beats label, the three tracks spin by with gentle vigour.” … ““…ultra-danceability…..innocuous techno develops with rich shades into an impressive mood that follows you around after it’s finished.“

Let’s call it poetronic!

[51bts073] Joao Ceser: BRZ


27.01.2023 || Electronic, IDM

BRZ is the last chapter of the “.brz” series, an ode to the place that is actually hosting Joao Ceser. “BRZ” follows “Fiumi.brz”, “Finestra.brz”, and “Orto.brz”, all released by 51Beats, being another jump into the bouncy & rounded sounds characterizing Joao’s sonic creatures. The first “039” track immediately focusses your attention to the purest mind-opening modular structures that Joao engineers within his custom-built modular set. “BRZ” is a pleasant trippy-IDM track that opportunistically drives you to “MB”, the straight-to-the-dancefloor closing track that leaves you with the incommensurate desire to see and dance Joao Cesar modular-live performances as soon as possible!

“There is no need to travel an infinite long distance to find beauty and peace, and that’s why I’m grateful for living here, in Brianza, in my district (039), near the chief town Monza (MB)” (Joao Ceser).

[51bts071] Savnko: notgood@sports


07.10.2022 || Electronic R&B

The “notgood@sports” EP is composed of two original songs by Savnko: notgood@sports and c’mon, accompanied by a bunch of remixes by 51Beats’s artists and friends: Crayon Mortel, Double Precision, Giacomo Vanelli, Joao Ceser, Random Name, and Tracya.
notgood@sports aims at infusing the daily bitterness surrounding us, ranging from the uncertainty about the future to the tiredness and frustration connected to our daily routines. It is difficult to sonically classify the original notgood@sports, with “electronic R&B” likely being the most well-fitting. Then we jump to the bouncy interpretation by Joao Ceser, followed by the “sweet electronic groove” by Giacomo Vanelli. Crayon Mortel’s version follows with his unmistakable “dub-garage beats” that nicely introduce the unique Tracya’s “trippy version”. The last interpretation flies with Double Precision who inject a “profound atmospheric closure”.
c’mon has been pre-released the 14th of July and within the 2022 Netlabel Day, and it is still free to download with CC license (51beats – Savnko-cmon). c’mon is against any use of weapons, manifesting our worriness about the near future. The “lively electronic pop” original version is interpreted by Random Name with the most energetic track closing the release leaving you breathless!

[51vin004] VV.AA. Modular Cuisine


24.09.2021 || electronic, electro, ambient, techno

MODULAR CUISINE is an event, a vinyl, a charity auction.
During the event, our artists “interpret” local food with live exhibitions. An exclusive vinyl is jointly released, and during the event uniquely-painted copies are exhibited in the framework of a charity auction.

15Years of 51Beats!


It has been a long and enthusiastic journey since the 1st of March 2008, when the first two releases by Gollywop and Spectacular Synthesizer were jointly released through our ‘home made’ website, without any social media, but with a good bottle of Prosecco! We are very happy so far: bunch of releases by emerging artists, parties, vinyls, and so many new connections and relationships have been established along the path, but most importantly: new friendships that will last forever.

Now we celebrate!

PARTY: Sunday 26 March 2023 @ARCI Bellezza (Milan): Dj Barefoot (live), Better Call Savnko (live), and 51Beats Djset (Robidat, Gollywop, Plasman, Andy Morello, and Alan Dj)

NEW RELEASE: we skyrocket “Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3“, the new episode of the label’s collection of emotions and dreams. It will be out in digital and exclusive limited edition CD, and officially presented at the party!

[EVENT] Elettrica-02 @Cascina Torchiera, Saturday 11 February



Un evento che nasce dalla collaborazione di Milano Modulare, Joao Ceser, Pitch The Noise e
51beats. I collettivi di musica elettronica legati all’area milanese si fondono come un Voltron, per dare vita a ELETTRICA-02, portando artisti elettronici sul palco del Torchiera, senza limiti di genere, per un’esperienza immersiva tra i movimenti underground e sperimentali della città.

ELETTRICA-02, è un evento che nasce dall’esperienza di Elettrica-039, rassegna dedicata alla divulgazione della cultura musicale elettronica che ha avuto come sede il mitico Bloom di Mezzago.

ELETTRICA-02 vuole valorizzare al massimo ogni performance artistica, cercando di creare
connessioni, non solo tra le macchine, ma anche tra le persone.

Continuano le danze per celebrare i 15 anni di 51Beats ! >>> Direttamente dal nostro roster si esibiranno LIVE Joao Ceser ed Andy Morello ed a seguire Dj set di Plasman, Robidat e Gollywop con farciture allo scratch di Alan DJ

Ingresso dalle 22:00 a sottoscrizione (line up completa ed aggiornamenti all’evento facebook)