[Premiere] PARKETT reveals the Joao Ceser’s remix of “notgood@sports” by Savnko!


“….un’interessante commistione di generi: elettronica, pop ed anche R&B, mostrando come la curiosità e l’apertura culturale del produttore milanese possano dare frutto ad un sound coinvolgente.”

[ACHIEVMENT] Morello’s TAPE-4 in the best music selection @XLR8R+




CURATED are playlists made by 51Beats’ staff & friends, surfing the label’s catalogue to merge latest tunes with gems from the past

c’mon !!!! by Savnko out now and free to download!


[ACHIEVEMENT] “Portofino” by Marcio McFly selected by XLR8R


“Brianza’s vintage avant-garde by Marcio McFly. Portofino is taken from “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere”, the timeless release by Marcio, with the aim of preserving old synthesizers.”

[51bts070] Andy Morello: TAPES


30.06.2022 || Ambient, Electronic

Project yourself in the far future and imagine to look at the present. Now, in the same way, try to immerse yourself in the ancient human civilization periods. You will realize that all relics from those days are so precious! You will start collecting and meticulously conserve them. TAPES are those relics, relics of a future past, buried under ashes and rubbles, which are now resurfaced and reconstructed. TAPES give back the sound of an era and its decadence, letting out a secret desire for a change and a deep search for yourself. They tell, through sound, about the human soul and its fragility. They narrate dreams, visions and desires albeit recorded on (nowadays) almost disused media. TAPES collect songs created during “one take” sessions performed with a modular synthesis system, a pedal reverb and originally recorded on magnetic tapes through a 1984 Tascam Porta One recorder. TAPES is a visionary, decadent, futuristic, mystical and science fiction EP, capable of taking the listener to a distant world.

Music, mastering, and cover by Andy Morello

[51vin004] VV.AA. Modular Cuisine


24.09.2021 || electronic, electro, ambient, techno

MODULAR CUISINE is an event, a vinyl, a charity auction.
During the event, our artists “interpret” local food with live exhibitions. An exclusive vinyl is jointly released, and during the event uniquely-painted copies are exhibited in the framework of a charity auction.

[OUT SOON] Savnko: “notgood@sports” soon @51Beats


The “notgood@sports” EP will contain two original songs by Savnko: notgood@sports and c’mon, accompanied by a bunch of remixes by 51Beats’s artists and friends.


01. notgood@sports

02. notgood@sports (Joao Ceser RMX)

03. notgood@sports (Giacomo Vanelli RMX)

04. notgood@sports (Crayon Mortel RMX)

05. notgood@sports (Tracya RMX)

06. notgood@sports (Double Precision RMX)

07. c’mon

08. c’mon (Random Name RMX)

51Beats&Friends: SONIC BBQ


Evento riservato a soci 51beats ed amici su invito. Grigliata, birra alla spina e musica saranno gli ingredienti.
Un’occasione per scoprire 51Beats, parlare di musica e discutere di progetti futuri, il tutto in un contesto piacevole ed informale.
Ci sarà la possibilità di associarsi a quota ridotta per tutta la settimana dell’evento:


Dove: AZIENDA AGRICOLA TESSERA, Via S. Giacomo, 11, 20058 Zibido San Giacomo MI, https://g.page/azienda-agricola-tessera?share

[REVIEW] TAPES by Morello under “The Last Future” radar….

“…the best thing about this work is not so much what it contains, but what it promises: taking the necessary balance, it is known that what has to come from Andy Morello in the future will be even better.”

[REVIEW] Morello’s TAPES at Who Music Magazine

“Concebido como un encuentro, pero también como un viaje por diferentes partes del mundo, el álbum está lleno de sonidos oscuros e hipnóticos y contrapunto con ritmos arrolladores”