“…a kind of unstable magma of pulsations and radiances, of melodic sketches and blurred textures, pursuing a calm, spiritual, almost ascetic expression.

“I personally think that this work conveys many different types of moods such as anxiety, melancholy, remorse, fear, adrenaline, love and resignation.

This is not a project that aims to convey something specific, I think it depends a bit on who and how is listening to it that makes the difference.”

[REVIEW] Joao Ceser is again under the Spanish Eyes

[REVIEW at COMO LAS GRECAS] “Joao crea música que funciona en todos los entornos y trasciende los géneros. Su apertura de él a una amplia gama de sonidos es lo que lo ha convertido en un favorito amado, pero también en alguien que opera en su propio mundo musical paralelo. El estilo incomparable de Joao continúa expandiéndose con cada lanzamiento.”

[REVIEW & INTERVIEW] Chromatic Club (ES) presents the newest EP by Joao Ceser: “Orto.brz”

CC: “Has that sound changed a lot in recent years? What is your musical criteria?”

JC: “The leads are always the same as the core of a synthesizer, the oscillator. What changes is the knowledge and with it the taste. I follow the flux trying to be / do better anytime.”