[REVIEW] Side-Line discusses Aggressiva: 8/10 !


 “Aggressiva” is made to get people dancing and Adriano Canzian has the secret formula to succeed. The title song is a great piece of music which moves beyond simply Techno music; it’s a sophisticated and intelligent format mixing Techno together with other influences…..

“Adriano Canzian remains a true sound guru from the Underground-Techno scene. “Aggressiva” is a perfect title to illustrate his approach.”

[REVIEW] Adriano Canzian’s Aggressiva @DECADANCE!!


“Questo EP per la milanese 51Beats racchiude cinque pezzi perfettamente in linea con lo storico dell’artista di origine veneta, ritmicamente sostenuti e tutti dal piglio abrasivo….”

“…in tutte si ritrova, ben chiaro, il DNA del sound di Canzian, un multistrato di industrial, EBM e techno dall’andatura militaresca

[REVIEW] AGGRESSIVA by Adriano Canzian discussed @DANCELAND Magazine (IT)


“…un’atmosfera ossessiva con suoni che a volte sembrano provenire direttamente da un negozio di ferramenta. Loop infiniti, tracce mai banali e armoniosamente ipnotizzanti, il tutto costruito con pochissimi elementi, come si faceva tipicamente alla fine degli anni Ottanta.” (review by Riccardo Sada)

out 26th of May @51Beats [originally-signed CD + Digital]

[REVIEW] “Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3” at IGGY Magazine (FR)


“…we are completely a fan of this piece which brought together so many artists. …. we immediately assimilate it to 51 beats, because it brings together several extraordinary sounds.

“…contains musical elements that make our hearts beat and leave us speechless. The diversity of sounds offered to us takes us for a ride in a universe where the landscapes are fabulous.” 

[REVIEW] Discover The New EP “BRZ” By Artist Joao Ceser at INFO MUSIC

From start to finish, its melody has us feeling introspectively moody, with a set of deep, dreamy atmospheric cuts that will reset your body and soul. These songs feature gorgeous modular synth lines and subtle wandering percussion from Ceser’s analog collection.

[REVIEW] Joao’s BRZ @No Transmission “Let’s call it poetronic!”

“Ceser brings a sense of his environment to his mixes, built upon judiciously simple percussion, uplifting melodies that repeat hypnotically, and lofty electronic experiments” …. “Released on the ever-reliable 51Beats label, the three tracks spin by with gentle vigour.” … ““…ultra-danceability…..innocuous techno develops with rich shades into an impressive mood that follows you around after it’s finished.“

Let’s call it poetronic!