2020 is gone…


Musically-speaking it has been a great year @51beats. Right after the first lock-down, optimism came jointly with the release of the Hana Sent‘s hit: Summer’s Long Shadows featuring Dana Jean Phoenix. The track has been streamed thousands of times, you can download it here. The REMIXES release followed, where the song has been creatively rebuilt by Crayon Mortel, Double Precision, Jack Bags, Martino Nencioni and Tracya. Another breakthrough, with a so far >70.000 access worldwide to the official release page !

The debut-release by Andy Morello: Collateral Fluxus of imaginary thoughts followed. An imaginific work, a unique merge of dub, techno, ambient and experimental electronic music, all performed with an extensive use of modular synthesizer environments. The track “Strange as usual” has been underlined by XLR8R’s staff as “..beautifully warped glitch dub“. To celebrate, you can freely download it here.

Giacomo Vanelli‘s “Growing Wings On The Way Down” closed our journey through 2020. Sounds to evoke distant landscapes of human emotions and spiritual transformations. An attempt at the grandiose through improvisation ….. and hope …. nothing can better identify our wishes for the immediate future: HOPE.

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[51bts060] Andy Morello: Collateral Fluxus of imaginary thoughts


09.10.2020 || Modular Synth, experimental, glitch, ambient

Collateral Fluxus of imaginary thoughts” will open your imagination. Deep-listen to grab a unique opportunity to isolate yourself from everything & everyone. Alone with your Thoughts. Your main daily-flow will suddenly disappear, and only the most Collateral Fluxus will emerge, in their full power.

In “Collateral Fluxus of imaginary thoughts”, sound research, random rhythms, deep bass, glitches, delays, feedback, noises, wide environments, sinusoidal waves and frequency modulations create a rare example where electronic music, dub, techno, ambient and experimentation successfully merge.

“Collateral Fluxus of imaginary thoughts” is a collection of “one take” sessions, all performed with an extensive use of modular synthesizer environments.

Another debut-release @51beats !