[51bts002] Spectacular Synthesizer: Spectacular Synthesizer



It is with a great pleasure that 51beats hosts the first official release from “Spectacular synthesizer”. This eclectic trio work fully with analogical instruments, just as an example the “speak and spell” is one of their instruments. They transmit a full-immersion electronic experience of extraordinarily high impact. The tracks in the 51beats#002 range from electrofunky to dance always characterized by genuine and pure vibrations for us, enjoy!

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The “Spectacular Synthesizer” is an eclectic trio formed by Martin Marcello aka Marcio McFly (synth, drummachine), Filippo Falco aka Pepè (synth, circuit bent), and Niccolò Martin (hardware visual). They have been involved in different music channels since 2000, from punk to tribal. Starting from 2005 they start loving electronic music and their passion for analogical instrumentation is now without limit. Their live act demonstrates an extremely powerful impact, download the video sample here below for a short abstract. It is with a great pleasure for us to host the first official release from “Spectacular synthesizer”.




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