[51bts003] Kamikaze Deadboy: Robotic Emotion



KDB: “Robotic Emotion” is a dark, depressing release, far removed from the usual breakcore I produce. On this release I am inspired by the likes of film composers, Ichirou Agata’s “spike” album, Horror ambient music and little known Musique concrete artist Desmond Leslie. I wanted to create a soundtrack to the celebration of people’s feelings, life and death, and Instellar space travel

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Kamikaze Deadboy aka Keiron Ignorant (a pun on Steve Ignorant from the Punk Band CRASS) was born in 1987 in England. Originally starting music with the program Ejay straight after leaving school in 2003, KDB wasn’t thought until 2 years after, after feling his old musical project “the teenage angst brigade” was becoming very dull. In earlier years he referred to his style of music as “samplecore” due to heavy usuage of sampling, cut and paste, and using the windows sound recorder. It wasn’t until 2007 when his sampling technique became more professional and started to get international recognition after releasing free releases on weblabels such as Sociopath-Recordings, Glitch City and Rus Zud. Dubbed as a Musical chameleon, due to having almost 7 different sounding musical projects over the last two years, he is also a local Radio DJ in his hometown of Halifax, England. He cites his Influences as “Punk Rock, Surf guitar, early DHR, and Japanese Traditional folk music.” It is with a great pleasure that 51beats host “Robotic Emotion”, the last work from Kamikaze Deadboy.


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