[51bts011] Marco Connelli: Ultimo Desiderio


Dear all, this is Marco Connelli. “Ultimo Desiderio” sounds electronic, psychedelic, dub, tribal and funky…a very good mixture of fine tastes. The sigarette as the last “dead man walking” desire. The death sentence means here to constantly fall into mistakes and errors. The constraints that are imposed by the society and particualary by the the media always suggest people to live happy but without suggestions about how to reach the goal. The Marco Connelli’s music wants to point our attention to the general unhappiness surrounding us, which is sometimes just inside us


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Marco starts his music experience singing in a Marilyn Manson tribute band, an experience that is now  ended. Presently, Marco Connelli is fully concentrated in playing with his “electronic toys” for creating  his own sound(s). The first solo album from Marco is “Number Ape”, a five songs EP distributed freely and characterized by subtle sounds and intelligent lyrics (marcoconnelli.com, myspace.com/marcoconnelli). Recently, Marco Connelli performed for “Geimini Muse”, “Cremona in Poesia” and “Crock Festival”, where it was clear how his maturity fully shines during the live shows, where Marco builds up a lysergic link between the audience and himself. 51beats was attracted by the atmospheres created by Marco, and our interaction is now officialized with the publication of the [51bts#011] release.




makeface “Silence Sonore”
Makeface Radio, Emission “Comme Un Lundi”,  paylist de l’émission du 4 Mai 2009

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