[51bts013] Page Attack: Reconstructor


We are really happy to welcome Eugeny Tarasenko (Page Attack) on 51beats. Reconsrtuctor was initially composed in Moscow in
2004, and the album tracks were “lost” into different hardisks for few years. Eugeny recently “reconstructed” the songs and the album was finally mixed in San Petersburg during the last months, after a huge work on the original files and samples. There are no doubts about the quality of this release from Page Attack, the songs are warm but incisive at the same for a very relaxed listening of experimental elecronic and intelligent dance music. This album is a natural continuation of “Uforms” (2008), an album that was devoted to the series of surrealistic illustrations forms (www.flickr.com/uforms/)


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Page Attack is Eugeny Tarasenko, born in 1985 in Moscow, Russian Federation. Eugeny is composing since 1998 focusing on experimental electronic, idm, post-rock, and ambient. Page Attack uses PC, Mac, midi-controller, and dictaphone as main instruments. From 2008, Eugeny starts restoring some traks disappeared in the years with the aim of performing a research work on them and with the objective of publishing/distributing songs and albums through the web and to friends. Page Attack is currently interested in reconstructing old songs and composing new music as well.  

“Uforms” – 2008
“Radion” – 2008
“Sketches” – 2009
“Surround” – 2009»
“Reconstructor” – 2009



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