[51bts016] NK Nino Lo Bue: Sleep Splindles


This is a very special release for us, since it marks the publication of exactly 100 TRACKS!! all of them freely available for the download on the 51beats label website. We are always very happy when artists and musicians consider our label for releasing their works. Sometimes it happens that we do not like what we listen, but it also happens to be euphoric and enthusiastic when artists like Nino Lo Bue ask our support for presenting to the world his fantastic sounds and compositions.
Nino says: “When sleep spindles happens our conscious awareness of the external environment disappears opening our mind to dreaming; But how sounds like a dream? This tracks could be the answer… Starting from my thoughts and going down on the keys of a piano, then reverberate through a guitar string… now becoming a looping stream of a dream.”

1. G  – dreamy, as my beautiful angel who inspired it
2. Bending Inertia (asleep) –  a long journey inside the sleep
3. Cat&Wo  – featuring the beautiful voice of Marcella Giuffrè, and the beautiful words of Paul Verlaine
4. Empty Thoughts  –  nothing to say, just play
5. Dreyma (awake) – featuring con_cetta autogenerative processes; obstreperous and even soft dreaming song
6. Deep Night – when the night became dark and the night terrors occurs “looping” until awakening

Nino thanks his beautiful family for love and support. Gavina for her love and inspiration, this album is dedicated to her. A very special thank to  Giuseppe “con_cetta” Cordaro, Marcella “Marcisa” Giuffré and Marianna for their artistic contribution in this project. Thanks to my musical fellows Francesco, Laura, Viola and Tony for all the hours spent togheter in music (“The Supernova” rules!)

Dear world, listen and enjoy our last journey into the most eclectic electronic music world!


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Nino Lo Bue was born in Palermo in 1981, since early times he dedicates to music playing first as a keyboard player and later as guitarist / keyboarder. In 2008 he started the NK project with the aim of combining the electronic and post rock of the north European mold. NK is an experimental music project that combines melody and noise, creating atmospheres that evolve dynamically, using keyboards, laptop, acoustics and electric guitars and Kaoss Pad.



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