[51bts023] Shibuya Syndicate: Riot Slave


Italians do it better! …you’ll really say that after listening to the new excellent duet made by the “Shibuya Syndicate. Powerful bass guitars, strong drums and melodies, which immediately re-sound in your brain at a first hearing. Everything is mixed with the alien voice of The Natural. Electronic body music, you could say, or Italo disco, such music moves us beyond definitions. It starts coolly from the intro and Rain Days with his vocal melody: definitely a hit! The synth in Ekkamai slices your brain and then the trick is done: you won’t stop moving until the end passing through the excellent remix of the “World without” made by SS overdrive….Dear Shibuya, welcome on 51beats!


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Following years dedicated to hiphop and techno productions, in 2006 Luca “Sem” De Giuli was fascinated by the french touch-influenced nurave and the new indie electronic scene. The Sam dance-oriented attitide gave him the idea to start working on a new project togheter with Mattia “The natural” Luchetta, a melodian-californian-uramaki-punk ex-vocalist and bassist of “The Brundleflies” and “Three Weeks”. “Frozen Future” was the first official collaboration between Sem and Mattia under the new name “SHIBUYA SYNDICATE“, which is the interplay among rithms, analouge-electro, and power-punk atmospheres…they identify their genre with “emotronic”. The “RIOT SLAVES” sum up the recent artistic efforts of the Shibuya Syndicate.



Border Radio #12

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