[51bts044] Fanciulli Goom: #1


“#1” is the Fanciulli GOOM’s debut album, where they paint labyrinthic and dense soundscapes only making use of experimentation and improvisation. The release has born as a diary of the three days 21, 22, 23 of December 2012, during which, guided by the spectral winter atmosphere of an isolated house in the middle of a forest in Canzo (Como), the musicians have been transported by lysergic views in transforming their experiments with analogue machines in otherworldly visions. #1 combines obsessive loops with deep drones, sound-walls with cosmic-arpeggios, generating inconceivable combination between rhythms and melodies, not identifiable with a unique genre. To be noted is the ecstatic pause during the second day (Warm Morning 414, Kodamas), which follows the more experimental first day (Jumping Jupiters), preluding the last day’s sound-rhythm explosion (Grog, Piovra). The whole listening is a harmonic expression of contemporary electronic music.
Fanciulli GOOM are directly involved in teaching new artists and sounds experimentalists in the framework of “51beatsLAB”. 51beatsLAB is an electronic music laboratory started in 2013, where the lessons alternate the use and teach of analogue machines (synthesizers, modular, drum-machines) with improvisation of mini-live in public contexts. The main objective is to introduce new talents to electronic music by making use of an “informal” approach, which favors the interactions among people, tutors and machines.



Fanciulli GOOM is a collective of electronic music and sounds improvisation made by artists form the electronic and alt-rock music scene in the area around Milano. It’s an organic project of electronic music improvisation that modifies itself depending on the different artists and guests involved. Improvisation is chosen as guiding philosophy where the dialog among artists, machines and synchronized systems are the spiritual and structural criteria. Fanciulli GOOM’s sessions can be associated with those made by the first BBC-radio experimentalists and by the Italian “Studio di fonologia musicale RAI”. 




Lanto Ratsimbazafy (Intruders TV, France): “..labyrinthic and refreshing experimental soundscapes….”

Frequencies “Un sound profondo, denso che avvolge ogni cosa e la trasforma.”

Sodapop “Le melodie sono presenti in dose massiccia, quasi sempre virano verso il ripetitivo e l’ipnotico, al servizio dell’atmosfera generale che è coinvolgente e porta avanti l’ascolto non lasciando spazio a momenti di calo…”

Sound Behind the Corner “Elettronica industriale, lavorata e plasmata soprattutto in oscillazioni modulate su basi di midtempi dove drum e bass-line determinano la crescita e decrescita del suono…”

MilanoX “…suono analogico di matrice technoide.”





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