[51bts054] Crayon Mortel&Tracya: Dawn-Dusk


Following their recent well-acclaimed debut releases on 51beats (“Piel” and “The Abyss“), Crayon Mortel and Tracya now merges into “Dawn-Dusk”, a mezmerizing spit-album where enchanting melodies beautifully flow endlessly from the freshest IDM by Crayon Mortel to the trancy melancholic dance by Tracya. Crayon signs the first 5 tracks, which will definitely project your body moving deep into the most exigent dancefloor, softly singing. The second 4-tracks-chapter by Tracya will sit you right on an airplane for a mind-blowing flight on top of the dancefloor.

Track list: 01. Crayon Mortel: Everything has to end somewhere 02. Crayon Mortel: Blossoms 03. Crayon Mortel: Cantalupe 04. Crayon Mortel: The Third Night 05. Crayon Mortel (feat. Tracya): The Surface 06. Tracya: Frames 07. Tracya: Feathers 08. Tracya: If 09. Tracya: Away

[51bts054] Crayon Mortel&Tracya: Dawn-Dusk



TOP 10 Alternative music chart @iTunes in the The Netherlands !


Deep House premiered “Away” by Tracya

Frequencies premiered “If” by Tracya “…un viaggio in compagnia di un avant Pop scintillante, ricavato da influenze IDM e progressive di grande impatto. Al centro l’emozione della melodia, libera di correre sorretta da bassi massicci o sussurrata a voce come una fiaba.” “….If di Tracya, una hit killer dalla presa solida e altissimo potenziale anthemico prog house.”


Rockerilla (n.448, Dec 2017) “…purissimo IDM che entra subito in circolo supportato dall’eleganza di un beat mai scontato e da suoni che viaggiano veloci rallentando un 4/4 che richiede l’assistenza della danza per essere assaporato in pieno.”

Feeder“…Crayon Mortel & Tracya. Following their debut releases on the label, they emerge here with the brilliant “Dawn-Dusk“, a mesmerising split-album that’s stuffed to the brim with enchanting melodies and melancholic moments throughout.”

Electronic Sound Magazine UK “Milanese label 51 Beats is adept at  uncovering promising electronic producers. After the vintage synths and acid rhythms of Acid Castello’s ‘Woman5000’, the label gifts us with this more melodic split album. The first half has Crayon Mortel summoning
spacious pads and skippy garage beats on the left-field house of ‘Blossoms’, while Tracya’s segment is more ethereal, with the massed choir voices and
intricately layered rhythms of ‘Feathers’. It’s patchy, but there’s beauty to be found here.”


Crayon Mortel on RINSE FM France


Euphonics “Crayon Mortel who takes the reins for the first half of the release, getting things underway courtesy of ’Everything has to end somewhere’, a luscious jam with echoes of Gui Boratto at his Kompakt best. A track that quickly emerges into the sort of ethereal cut that Four Tet would be proud of, it’s immediate form the off that this is electronic music with soul. ‘Blossoms’ keeps matters ticking over with more twinkling melodies and unusual soundscapes, before ‘Cantalupe’ is characterised by its clever synth stabs and shrewd vocals. Mortel’s final contribution here is ‘The Third Night’. Another track that emphasises the producer’s eclecticism, it glides at a wonderful pace before it engulfs the listener in a warm glow. Truly stunning stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.”

Different Grooves interviews Crayon Mortel & Tracya “DG: Your sound is a mix between dubstep, house and garage / bass music. Is difficult for you to maintain a purist approach to these styles, without getting influenced too much?” READ THE ANSWERS ……

Crayon Mortel on SoulivityBWJ: We really love your latest tracks “Blossoms” and “The Third Night.”  What was your inspiration for these great tracks?” READ THE ANSWERS ……


I House

 “Dawn-Dusk” by Crayon Mortel and Tracya is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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