[51bts068] 1STR1C3: Fastridebadfinish



@XLR8R (US): “Hypnotic and uplifting sounds”

The concept behind Fastridebadfinish was birthed in the back of a car one night after returning home from a gig. Today’s XLR8R download, “illseeyouagain,” kicks off the release with hypnotic and uplifting, ethereal music that would not be out of place in a Christopher Nolan film score. The following track, “rbtfeelings,” ups the suspense but with much darker tones, before the ambient and self-reflective “rbtrevenge” and “Fallen,” an emotive sci-fi epic, close the EP.”

@Chromatic (ES)

Taken from 1STR1C3‘s upcoming “Fastridebadfinish” EP due out Feb 25 on 51beats here we premiere “rbtrevenge”


Chromatic Club “When I start making music from scratch I always have in my mind something, it could be a movie, a vibe, a melody etc. I am someone who listens to different music every day and who changes his mind very often…”

The Last Future “I think that the underground scene and music in the form of art will never die, for the passion that all these warriors share in this endless battle”

Como Las Grecas “I can definitely say that the uk club music culture changed my way of listening, feeling and making music in general”

Who Music “I believe that music, in all its forms, is a beautiful form of expression that is nice to share with other people who maybe share a kind of sensitivity with you or maybe they perceive totally different vibes while listening to your music.”


Who Music Magazine 1STR1C3 crea paisajes únicos, donde la música electrónica se transforma en un ambiente cinematográfico puro

Como Las Grecas “…music full of multiple axes and edges, resulting in a work that, above all, is defined by its great personality.” for a “…retro-futuristic electronic court…

Chromatic ClubCompositions that will make you travel and fill you with breaths of fresh air.


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