[51bts031] il Leprotto: Fear of the Dogs


 You’re chased by furious dogs. Running fast, it can’t be worst. Adrenaline is at its maximum rate. FEAR OF THE DOGS aim to simulate those shocking experiences. Songs are in between dance and techno, all carefully engineered by Il Leprotto. We like to identify this project as “intelligent dancefloor” music. FEAR OF THE DOGS is an exciting experience, where straight sounds are designed for making people dancing and smiling with a straight impact, no doubts. The album contains Il Leprotto‘s remix of Kurskby Plasman, a technish track to be listened strictly under the supervision of your parents. White Knuckles (by Ok Go), remixed by Il Leprotto, is a rubbery song for your Saturday night fever. The “Marcia Marcia” remix by The Swindler Beat is the perfect techno-acidic track to be played during your late night djset. Relax your FEAR OF THE DOGS. Please…enjoy and dance.


IL LEPROTTO is the dance project by Marco Connelli. Groovy techono rithmes are mixed with incisive sounds, which gradually heat-up the dancefloor during his live performances. Il Leprotto intelligently fuses techouse and sampling for a straight dance-oriented impact. “Leprottophobia”, from “Fear of the dogs” has been nominated at QWARTZ ELECTRONIC AND NEW MUSIC AWARDS 8 in 2012 (Chairmanship Robert Henke alias Monolake) in the DANCEFLOOR category!



QWARTZ 8 nomination in the BEST DANCEFLOOR TRACK Category!!


Border Radio #14

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