[51bts009] Marcio McFly: Legami Vol.1


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With our [51bts#009] release, Marcio McFly makes an exemplary and intelligent use of his passion and professionality in using analogical instruments. This EP is characterized by the evolution of pleasant and warm harmonics together with intricate patterns that sometimes resemble the most intelligent Authechre’ earliest works. The power of the “Spectacular synthesizer” is obviously not hidden by McFly, and it manifests fully during the first part of the last album’s track …(find this out:)). “Legami Vol.1” is the first of a series of EPs, in which Marcio McFly will translate the most important friendships/links of his life into different electronic music compositions. More than songs, these tracks are pictures and photographs of those links. The release(s)’ artwork(s) is(will be) inspired by and dedicated to the vinyls covers of Fabrizio De Andrè. This release sounds ambient, electrofunky, and techno at the same time….and when this is performed fully analogically, well, it sounds very very good 🙂 !!

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