[51bts024] Chupaconcha: Bestia Session


THE BESTIA SESSION starts straight like a motherfucker. TAA TA TA TA. Think Miles Davis in the early 70’s meets Led Zeppelin. On the left: Giuliano Gius Cobelli, shooting electric clusters from his crazy trumpet. On the right: Giorgio Fausto Menossi, punching funky bombdrums and exploding his sunny vintage cymbals. Together, they create a solid funky groove looping tons of trumpet riffs. Then they start soloing, enjoying stretching the rhythm and the melody…leaving you with these 4 perfect song-oriented improjams. That’s why the BESTIA SESSION tracks have clearly defined beginnings and ends, and you can perfectly feel the urgency and the shiver of the creative moment.
51beats is excited to travel with Chupaconcha into the most intriguing world of the music landscapes. The “Bestia Session” is characterized by complicated trumpet patterns continuously evolving into themselves thank to the funny engineering and manipulations of sounds. Drums are hypnotically crossing the trumpet’ magics for an explosive funky BOOM…but funky is hypnotic here…LETS PLAY THAT!!


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CHUPACONCHA is an hypnofunk duo formed by Giuliano Gius Cobelli (electric trumpet) and Giorgio Fausto Menossi (drums). The band started in 2007 when the two Italians musicians met again in Barcelona after having briefly collaborated in Italy. Both jazz and hippie lovers, they mixes improvised rock, funk, psychedelic and ambient music in wild and furious sessions and live shows. Since “Juice” and “Jordan” tour intensively with their other bands (Your Kid Sister and Lonely Drifter Karen, respectively) they have little time to dedicate to Chupaconcha. But as Miles Davis once said: “I have always believed not playing with each other for a while is good for a band if they are good musicians and like playing with each other. It just makes the music fresher.” Their new EP “THE BESTIA SESSION” is due to be released in June 2010 by the Italian netlabel 51Beats.





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