[REVIEW] Parkett Channel is impressed by the  “…serene soundscapes…” created by _Imnot__here’s debut release “Outside”…


“…. a captivating journey through ambient landscapes and electronic textures.”

A standout moment in the EP is “The Blue Whale,” where _Imnot__here introduces a haunting melody played on alto saxophone, adding a human touch to the otherwise cosmic ambiance.

….painting a picture of distant lands and natural beauty…”

[REVIEW] Brazilians got crazy with “Sonoridade peculiar” of _Imnot__here’s debut “Outside”!


“…. a peculiar sound, with its own characteristics, as well as good taste.”

Davide excels in bringing modular sounds, with circular sequences, which give a percussive vibration to the ears…”

Very good!

[PREMIERE] The forward-thinking INVERTED-AUDIO (London) dives into the “Water” of the forthcoming “Outside” release by the emerging “_Imnot__here”…


“…neo-kosmische oddities, fourth world, sound design and synth-driven ambient…”

“Water…. a contemplative soundscape enhanced by secluded river flows…”

[INTERVIEW] Tonylight shares his thoughts about the recent Lumanoide @York Calling (UK)!


“Admittedly, I’ve never been a massive fan of the EDM genres, but when it’s this good, I can’t help but love it! Tonylight is an amazing producer and artist who has recently released a new album, titled Lumanoide. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to and I’m sure fans of the EDM scene will dig it – find out more about the record below! (Jane Howkins, YC)