[51bts032] Acousmatik: Experiments


AcousmatiK’s music is characterized by complex structures flying from ambient to breakcore and idm. “Experiments” is constructed with a solid background of sounds manipulation, which indeed characterize all the Brice’s compositions. “Experiments” is all very good but there are gems that is worth to comment. “Space trip” starts calm gradually becoming a mess of patterns: you
will slowly close your eyes and start shaping strange dreams. “Pipe” is simply a masterpiece of “experiments”, sometimes reminding the former autechre’s works. “Way out” is an emotional explosion. This album is a pleasant trip into the multidimensional space of electronic sounds. “Experiments” is an electronic experience that will certainly remain among the 51beats best choices ever.



Brice Moise aka Acousmatik is a French Sound Engineer. Brice discovered electronic music in  1995, being attracted by trance music, and then slowly moving toward techno, hardtechno, hardcore, drum&bass, electro, IDM…slowly becoming an “electronic music addicted”. During  his studies as Sound Engineer, Brice started playing drum machines and samplers. Brice began to mix vinyls and this gave him the right enthusiasm in order to start composing as AcousmatiK. Brice composes with Reaktor or Max/Msp controlled by surfaces like BCR2000 and Lemur. AcousmatiK compositions are played live, in opposition with the “sit-down-mouse-like” approach, and this brings real life into all the Brice’s songs.




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