[51bts042] Marcio Mc Fly: Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere


Vintage avant-garde and prestigious artistic flights, these are the bitter ingredients used by Marcio McFly in his solo project, when pausing from “Cani Giganti”. Inspirations from an analogical parallel world, which is back here again to fascinate machines-addicted by exploring a kind of evolved “futuristic techno-pop”. Artificial flowers are sent to the curious mixture of erudite listeners and new-clubbing figures. “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere” = “TO PRESERVE THE MACHINES IS A MUST”, follows the path indicated by the previously acclaimed “Farsi le Foto”, constituting an artistic work exploding in a self-created-world where Marcio fishes from street-arts and from his most creative illness. “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere” is an ambitious release where dancy tracks are formidably intersected with pleasant techno-pop songs. This is a though work for you, 51beaters! [an extract from the press-review written by Nicola Tenani – www.soundsbehindthecorner.org]

You can use this music whatever you like as far as it is for a private use/context. Please, feel free to copy-paste-send this release to your best friend or dj and to play it during your own private parties –>enjoy it !! At the same time these works are regularly registered to the Danish Collecting Rights Society “Koda“, which will collect royalties in the behalf of the artist/composer and the publisher, when this music will be employed in any commercial context. We believe this is close to the ideal approach toward the most intelligent way of publishing music and arts, today. FIRST TIME IN ITALY / PER LA PRIMA VOLTA IN ITALIA

To build-up “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere”, Marcio McFly played: ROLAND: tr 606, tr 707, tr 808, tr 909, tb 303, sh 09, sh 101, juno 106, svc 350, csq 100; KORG: ms 10, ms 50, sq 10; DYNACORD:vertical reverberation system; FENDER: rhodes mk1, twin reverb silver face 70’s; FLAME: midi talking synth

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.




Ondalternativa “Otto tracce che mi hanno lasciato (quasi!) senza parole per l’unicità, l’allegria e la forza ritmica che hanno saputo trasmettere.
Complimenti, McFly!!”

Giosuè Impellizzeri (freelance music journalist, djmag italia, ,technodisco, …): un trip in vari ambienti musicali, generati da una ricca famiglia di macchine d’annata che hanno decretato la nascita e lo sviluppo di nuovi stili. Le mie preferite? L’Electro arpanettiana/kraftwerkiana/legoweltiana di “Estate”, l’Electro/Disco di “Pam” (resto un irriducibile fan del vocoder) e di “Portofino”, che sotto una patina di suono rilassato cela le spiegazzature tipiche della TB-303. Pregnante anche il titolo dell’EP, su cui si potrebbe discutere a lungo, tra detrattori amanti dei softsynth virtuali e sostenitori degli (ormai sempre più rari e costosi) originali.


Rich Vom Dorf (Rennbahn Records // Gans oder Kranich), Pierce (Get Digital/MBF/Trapez Ltd./Traum,…), Richie Hawtin (Minus), Michel de Hey (Radio Fresh FM), Bjoern Nafe (Kiddaz.fm/Style Rockets/Damm Records/Mangue Records), IllboyPhil (Radio Fevah FM 88.3 Newzealand) (Treibjagd Records), Haito (Boxer/Spagat/Suicide Circus/Tresor/Maria), Robert Grand (Additan radio/Additan Recordings), Lars Wickinger (So What Music, Killa Beat Rec.), D!E ZWE! (Electrotribe/Fast Motion Records/Magic Modern Times), Lars Neubert (Casual Lab), Repton (Login Records), SLAM (Orde Meikle), Nudisco(Yellow tail), Flamen(Giraphone rec.), Andy Kohlmann (Lordag/Supdub/Kol Mojito/Zylinder), Marcel Sareyka (Partysan), Andre’ Lehmann (DAMM Records), Joy Kitikonti (Start Records/Gouta Music/Natural Rhytm Cocorico’)

Pierce: “anita is a fucking cool piece of work!”

Lars Neubert: “There are some really good tracks!!”

Joy Kitikonti: “Genio…Geniale!!!!”

SLAM: “nice tunes – will try out this weekend thanks”

Marcel Sareyka: “Great Collection!”

Andre’ Lehmann: “Amazing release !!”





Drizzi’s notes

Carrozzeria Margot




Rich Vom Dorf: I am a Rich Bitch promoset

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‘Rosa’ by Marcio McFly mixed in “Made in Italy” by STRA


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