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Acid Castello are an emerging trio of Italian producers with a penchant for analogue-infused techno and – much like their name suggests – crafty acid sounds. Consisting of Marcio McFly, Bhonz and Endo, all three individuals are heavily influenced by 80s science fiction soundtracks, the likes of which very much comes to the fore on their debut LP, the quite exceptional Woman 5000. Much like similar partnerships a la Italojohnson or Paranoid London, Acid Castello generally swerve the limelight, preferring instead to let their music speak for them. Filled to the brim with enticing dancefloor focused tracks, this debut album does so in particularly tantalising and emphatic fashion.
This is apparent from the get go, when “On Destiny’s Wings” gives us the first glimpse of the trio’s soundtrack inspirations. A track that would easily fit in to the Stranger Things soundtrack, it sets the album’s stall out in an an auspicious manner. “Her Things” is clearly indebted to Juan Atkins et al, with electro another concurrent theme that runs throughout the release. “Coconut Galaxy” leans toward similar sound tropes, before the title track really ups the sci-fi vibes.
The second half of the album gets underway with “Trust No One”, one of the album’s more moody numbers. “Running Through the Time” lifts the intensity up a notch, before “95 Destroy” serves up the album’s most maddening moments. “Landing on Conga Planets” is arguably its warmest and most melancholy effort, before “Intergalactic Lovers” follows suit by traversing a similar path. From Drexciya to the aforementioned Atkins & beyond, there are numerous inspirations that course through this release. But don’t think this is some sort of tribute act: on the contrary, Acid Castello put their own stamp on these sounds in a manner that’s both unique and refreshing.


The bonus-track “Navigator 101” is in the MOST DOWNLOADED TRACKS – short list of August 17 @ XLR8R (Los Angeles)

Navigator 101 in the TOP 100 downloads of 2017 @XLR8R

In the best releases of 2017 @The Submarine “Teppisti dell’elettronica retro, nel loro LP d’esordio gli Acid Castello mantengono la promessa di un trip di space disco che non lascia un attimo di respiro. Woman 5000 è la colonna sonora perfetta della vostra prossima lotta contro una nuova generazione di robot assassini venuti dallo spazio.”


@ TRAX Magazine (Paris)

@ SINCHI Collective (Amsterdam) “…From Drexciya to Atkins & beyond, there are numerous inspirations that course through this release. But don’t think this is some sort of tribute act: on the contrary, Acid Castello put their own stamp on these sounds in a manner that’s both unique and refreshing. We especially loved ‘ the land of the holy river’ and think you will too…”

@ XLR8R (Los Angeles)  “‎…collection of intergalactic dancefloor bombs that are sure to warp minds.”

In support of the forthcoming release, Marcio, Bhonz, and Endo have offered up “Navigator 101” as today’s XLR8Rdownload. “Like those on the album, it’s a track with tough, drum-machine rhythms and snaking acid lines, a track that, when played at the right time, will undoubtedly cause mass hysteria in a club.”

@ TANZGEMEINSCHAFT (Antwerp, BE) “We get to showcase the title track of the album. It’s a polyrhythmic spaced-out jam, with lots of bleeps that give it a futuristic touch. The warm and deep swells of spacey electronica create an extra dimension that puts the unique stamp of the artists on the sound. Cosmic!”

@ TSINOSHI Bar (Milan) “….il trio composto da Marcio McFly, Bhonz ed Endo, vecchie conoscenze del panorama techno milanese, ha finalmente annunciato l’uscita della prima release, un album, in arrivo sulla label elettronica meneghina 51Beats, che tante volte abbiamo incontrato da queste parti grazie a release di qualità ed eventi sparsi all’ombra della Madonnina e non solo.”

The Bonus-Track “ACID IN SPACE Exclusively available @Tsinoshi Bar “…oggi vi facciamo un regalo: in attesa di vivere il primo viaggio analogico a tinte electro-acide ricolmo di riferimenti al passato (Cheephax Acid Crew ai Drexciya passando per DJ Pierre e i “padri fondatori” made in Chicago Phuture) e senza mai prendersi troppo sul serio, in pieno stile Acid Castello, vi facciamo sentire in esclusiva per la nostra serie di premiere “Acid In Space”, traccia che non sarà contenuta ufficialmente nell’LP, ma che da il segno di quello che ci aspetterà oltre il salto interstellare. Un trip d’altri tempi, fidatevi di noi!”

@ the SUBMARINE (IT) about The Land of the Holy River: “…Bassi profondi e suoni perfetti per fare da colonna sonora a un classico di John Carpenter, o a una puntata di Stranger Things andata storta.”

@ 6am-group (Los Angeles) “…the album gets underway with “Trust No One”, which we are premiering today, one of the album’s more moody numbers…‎”‎

@ HardLife London “Landing On Conga Planet” the warmest and most melancholy track of Woman 5000 EP. Something you must hear!


DJ MAG (UK) “Influenced by science fiction, the pleasurable burr of analogue synths and the touchstones of Detroit techno, Italian trio Acid Castello are definitely on trend. Yet there’s substance to their style, on the galactic house of ‘The Land of the Holy River’, and the lo-fi electro-funk of ’95 Destroy’. Excellent stuff.” (RATED 8.0)

TITEL Kultur Magazine (DE) “…these hardware infused jams contain a satisfying crunch, 8/10

EXCLAIM! (CAN) “Milan might not be the first place you’d suggest when someone asks you where they should look for their next acid fix, but after hearing Woman 5000, Acid Castello’s debut full-length, you may feel the need to reorient your techno geography. …” (RATED 7)

DMC Magazine “An intoxicating blend of acid techno, it’s a stunning effort of the type we’ve not encountered for some time.”

Frequencies “Un disco dalle influenze diverse ma coerente per mood e qualità, rispettoso delle origini ma ricco di quel coraggio capace di conquistare al primo ascolto.”


My Music Moments “Hello, thank you for having us! Our name is Acid Castello……”


80・90年代の映画にサウンドトラックを作る「Acid FIlm Festival」っていうプロジェクトをやっているんだけど、このミックスはそのプロジェクトからのライブカット。アナログ機材Soundcraft 8 chとMotu mk3を使った。”


RADIO: Acid Castello – Navigator 101 included in OMEGA3RUM Programa 543 (09-09-2017)

Bonus track: Navigator 101” FREE DWLD @XLR8R

Bonus track: “Acid in Space” exclusively available @Tsinoshi Bar

Adam Ten – Best 10 in Sept 2017 on Resident Advisor



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 “Woman5000” by Acid Castello is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Written and produced by Acid Castello | Percussions in “Landing on Conga Planets” by Davide Contento | Mastering by Shari Delorian @ Blau Studio Milano

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