[51bts065] Tracya: Mirrorman


With “Mirrorman“, Tracya keeps exploring his trademark ambient-techno soundscapes, including some of the stylistic elements used in his previous releases: the four-on-the-floor kick drum, being steady and deep, punctuates the voyage’s rhythm while the pads, synth’s stabs and dub delays bring the listener in an oniric yet energetic sonic realm. The opening track, “Summit“, is based on a deep wall-of-sound which is scratched only by the drum machine’s percussive sounds and by several vocal samples. Those latter human-like sounds are deeply submerged in the mix, they are barely intelligible and therefore allow the listeners to get lost in their imagination. The second track, “Destinations“, is way more energetic and emphasizes the contrast between the synthesizer riff and the static pads and bassline. In “Island of Memory” the listener is submerged by ambient sounds and the development of the track is lead by an evolving pad and by a few broken and evanescent vocal samples. The closing track, “Prince“, is one of the most minimal on the ep and it’s based on the bond between synthetic sound sources and ambient recondings: several recordings of synthesizers and field recordings have been deeply processed in order to recreate a celestial atmosphere.

Tracya makes us of a combination of analogue synthesizers, samplers, and a long chain of sound effects, in order to process and alterate the original ideas and to build-up new sonic creatures

“an overall celestial atmosphere”

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