[51bts070] Andy Morello: TAPES


Born in 1973, Andy Morello is involved in electronic music, productions and remixes, since a long time. His research is aimed at finding the link between improvisation and programming. Either playing live or in his studio, Andy travels through rarefaction, granularization, dub, techno and experimentation: a sort of extemporaneous sound installation, created on the spot, unique. From 2017, Andy is deeply passionate to modular synthesis, starting from 2018 the Milano Modulare community, coordinating in 2019 the realization of the first modular day in Milan “Connessioni a modular journey” realized in partnership with Machine Jockey and LePark. Never exhausted, Andy opens in 2020 the Voltage Creative Studio, a recording studio dedicated to musicians, vocalists and producers, which aims to become a reference point both for Milan modular community and for “modular based” productions and sound design. Between 2020 and 2021, Andy publishes a solo work (Collateral Fluxus of imaginary thoughts), and a collaborative album with Duscio (Electricults), both at 51Beats. In 2021, he participated in several festivals including Phoenix Synthesizer Festival (online), PerAspera Festival in Bologna and Connessioni mini festival in Milan. Still in 2021, Andy released a song for the “Modular Cuisine” EP (digital and vinyl, 51Beats), also collaborating in the realization of the live presentation event. In 2022 Andy joins the 51Beats’ team, also starting a collaboration with Radio 20158 with the “Electrica Salsa” podcast. Still in 2022, he publishes a remix in the “Tragedy After Party” album (Perciante Rocco) and a song for “Leaftape True Peaks” (Pitch the Noise Records).   [https://linktr.ee/andymorello]


[51bts062] Andy Morello & Duscio: Electricults

26.02.2021 || Electronic, Modular Synth, Glitch, Organic House

[51bts060] Andy Morello: Collateral Fluxus of imaginary thoughts

09.10.2020 || Modular Synth, experimental, glitch, ambient

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