[51bts063] Joao Ceser: Fiumi.brz


19.03.2021 || Electronic, Techno, Ambient

As Rivers flow, …Fiumi.brz flows…, it flows providing a momentary lapse of reason, during which you disappear from your daily routine.
Fiumi.brz is your daily walk around home, your intimate moment that follows a typical busy day. Nothing pretentious. Simple atmospheres to reset your body and your soul. Adda, Lambro, Molgora and Seveso. All are flowing around Joao’s secret places in Brianza, sometimes embracing modular synthesizers and deep atmospheres. Start. Stop. Think. And then start again. Your loop must go on …

Cover Art: Matteo Giusti
Mix/Master: Matteo Giusti @ Modulol Studio
Musiche: Matteo Giusti (Joao Ceser)

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