[51bts073] Joao Ceser: BRZ



@Moskalus ! (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

@Acid Stag ! (Sydney, Australia)



“MB is a blazing track!”

@Space Sour

“BRZ” features 3 outstanding tracks made with analog synthesis: get ready ‘cause this sound will definitely blow your mind!

@Info Music

“From start to finish, its melody has us feeling introspectively moody, with a set of deep, dreamy atmospheric cuts that will reset your body and soul. These songs feature gorgeous modular synth lines and subtle wandering percussion from Ceser’s analog collection.

@No Transmission

“Though not all of us can live in the idyllic Italian countryside, Ceser brings a sense of his environment to his mixes, built upon judiciously simple percussion, uplifting melodies that repeat hypnotically, and lofty electronic experiments which always land on their feet. Released on the ever-reliable 51Beats label, the three tracks spin by with gentle vigour.

There is a sense of poetry in Ceser’s mix of utility and economy. Let’s call it poetronic.”

ultra-danceability. This transition is done twice, though the second iteration is darker, adding a complex layer of emotion. It feels like a trick. What at first appears to be clever but innocuous techno develops with rich shades into an impressive mood that follows you around after it’s finished.


Syndae podcast #659

BRZ to open the podcast

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