[51bts073] Joao Ceser: BRZ


BRZ is the last chapter of the “.brz” series, an ode to the place that is actually hosting Joao Ceser. “BRZ” follows “Fiumi.brz”, “Finestra.brz”, and “Orto.brz”, all released by 51Beats, being another jump into the bouncy & rounded sounds characterizing Joao’s sonic creatures. The first “039” track immediately focusses your attention to the purest mind-opening modular structures that Joao engineers within his custom-built modular set. “BRZ” is a pleasant trippy-IDM track that opportunistically drives you to “MB”, the straight-to-the-dancefloor closing track that leaves you with the incommensurate desire to see and dance Joao Cesar modular-live performances as soon as possible!

“There is no need to travel an infinite long distance to find beauty and peace, and that’s why I’m grateful for living here, in Brianza, in my district (039), near the chief town Monza (MB)” (Joao Ceser).

Joao Ceser is an Italian producer born in 1983 and based in Brianza, with a true passion for analogue stuff, cats, robots, retrogaming.
His music adventure began at 13 years old, when he was singing and playing drums in hardcore/metal bands until he discovered his true passion: the synthesizer. He has quickly established himself in the electronic music scene by cooperating with some of the biggest music labels and television reality like Tiptop Audio Records [USA], Cocoon [DE], Fool’s Gold [USA], Blood Music [UK], Animal Language [NL], Deejay tv [ITA]. His tracks are constantly being played and supported by artists like Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Ame, Dixon and many more. Joao is also known for his live performances where the modular synthesizer is the star of the show. Thanks to his passion for the machines, he works as consultant and beta tester to some relevant music device brands.


[51bts067] Joao Ceser: Orto.brz

17.12.2021 || IDM, Deep House, Electronic

[51bts066] Joao Ceser: Finestra.brz

02.07.2021 || IDM, Electronic

[51bts063] Joao Ceser: Fiumi.brz

19.03.2021 || Electronic, Techno, Ambient

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