[REVIEW] Side-Line discusses Aggressiva: 8/10 !


 “Aggressiva” is made to get people dancing and Adriano Canzian has the secret formula to succeed. The title song is a great piece of music which moves beyond simply Techno music; it’s a sophisticated and intelligent format mixing Techno together with other influences…..

“Adriano Canzian remains a true sound guru from the Underground-Techno scene. “Aggressiva” is a perfect title to illustrate his approach.”

[REVIEW] Adriano Canzian’s Aggressiva @DECADANCE!!


“Questo EP per la milanese 51Beats racchiude cinque pezzi perfettamente in linea con lo storico dell’artista di origine veneta, ritmicamente sostenuti e tutti dal piglio abrasivo….”

“…in tutte si ritrova, ben chiaro, il DNA del sound di Canzian, un multistrato di industrial, EBM e techno dall’andatura militaresca

[51bts007CD] Adriano Canzian: AGGRESSIVA_EP


26.05.2023 || Techno, Old School || Digital & originally-signed limited ed. CD

Adriano Canzian grew up listening electronic music since he was 14. He was particularly shocked by the late eighties-early nighties sounds, mainly following artists like Armando, Robert Armani, Lil Luis, Amnesia, Adonis, KLF e The Orb …. and collecting vinyls from labels such as MG Records, Warp Records, Antler-Subway Records, Trax Records, Westbrook Records…

Within his new EP “AGGRESSIVA“, Adriano showcases those elementary patterns to engage an obsessive atmosphere with sounds that sometimes appear to directly originate from a hardware shop. Infinite loops, never-boring and harmoniously hypnotizing tracks, all built with very few elements, as typically done in the late eighties. The result is simultaneously frenetic, seductive, and magnetic, an EP that could only be created by an artist fully immersed in those times…

Since 2003, Canzian is shaping a uniquely characterizing sound, which wisely deflagrates in AGGRESSIVA_EP. 51Beats is honoured to catch this up, and to celebrate the Adriano Canzian comeback!

[3 additional bonus tracks (Movida 1990, 1.2.0 and The March) are exclusivley available on CD and Bandcamp]