Cani Giganti


I CANI GIGANTI born in 2010 with the artistic intersection among Marcio McFly , Pepè Interstellar and Plasman. They play live with analogue synthesizers, samplers and effects. Their project is based on the live dynamic evolutions of patterns and structures, which are only partly prepared in the studio. The mission is to make people dancing by constantly enhancing the magnetism between the set and the dancefloor during their performances. Percussive techno patterns and resonant analogue sounds are mixed with hypnotic structures at the edge of more trance-like compositions. “Campane”, taken from “Concerto 001” has been nominated in the best dancefloor  category at the QWARTZ ELECTRONIC AND NEW MUSIC AWARDS 7 (Under the honorific chairmanship of Alva Noto) in 2011. Published in April 2012, “Brain Confusion” marks their artistic maturity. “Brain Confusion” is built on the basis of a hard studio-work following the constant feedbacks acquired during the numerous live exhibitions of CANI GIGANTI in the last couple of years. The album is characterized by bossy sounds and complex drums patterns like in “Adriana” and it contains hypnotic techno gems like “1997 Run Away“.

Marcio McFly: Drum machine, Bass Synthesizer, mixer | Pepè Interstellar Overdrive: Analog Synthesizer, Distortions, Effects | Plasman: 80’ Expander/Synthesizers, Sampler, Echo 



[51vin002] Cani Giganti: Darkstar (feat. J.Kitikonti)

20-04-2012 | [51bts036] Cani Giganti: Brain Confusion


14-07-2010 | [51bts026] I Cani: Concerto 001


30 March 2012: QWARTZ 8, ‘improvisation’ with 2 CANI GIGANTI at the QWARTZ Silent Stage , Centquatre, Paris (FR)

5 April 2012: Radio Popolare “Guida nella Giungla” – Album preview, Milan (IT)

7 April 2012: INIT Club, 2020 Sostanze Records Party, Rome (IT)

20 April 2012: UPPERCASE Design Party at Basemama, Milan (IT)

05 May 2012: TOOLKIT Festival, Venice (IT)

19 May 2012: Teatro HOP Altrove , Genova (IT) – evento fb 

15 June 2012: Spazio Concept, Milan (IT) – evento fb

28 July 2012: EVERYBODY OUT Festival, Asiago, Vicenza (IT) – evento fb

25 August 2012: ROCK AND RODES FREE FESTIVAL, Piateda, SO (IT)

28 September 2012: IolimonoTulipani @ Verve Club, Milano (IT)

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