[REWIEW] Variable Mira by Plasman: “an enchanting odyssey through time and sound” (@SWIISPA!)


“The first trio including “Variable Mira,” “No Gravity Landing,” and “Banyan Walk,” draws from the ambient tradition. These tracks create an atmosphere gives a sense of timelessness and serenity. In contrast, the second part which includes “Levitating Chords,” “Lost Dimension,” and “Neon Plant,” takes a turn letting the listener experience a state of ecstasy. “

[REVIEW] Side-Line discusses Aggressiva: 8/10 !


 “Aggressiva” is made to get people dancing and Adriano Canzian has the secret formula to succeed. The title song is a great piece of music which moves beyond simply Techno music; it’s a sophisticated and intelligent format mixing Techno together with other influences…..

“Adriano Canzian remains a true sound guru from the Underground-Techno scene. “Aggressiva” is a perfect title to illustrate his approach.”

[REVIEW] Adriano Canzian’s Aggressiva @DECADANCE!!


“Questo EP per la milanese 51Beats racchiude cinque pezzi perfettamente in linea con lo storico dell’artista di origine veneta, ritmicamente sostenuti e tutti dal piglio abrasivo….”

“…in tutte si ritrova, ben chiaro, il DNA del sound di Canzian, un multistrato di industrial, EBM e techno dall’andatura militaresca