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Crayon Mortel is the project started in 2015 by italian producer Alessio Bressan, who is based in Padova. “PIEL” (51beats, 2015) was CM’s debut LP. His works, composed in his studio in Padova, fuses house, leftfield and experimental electronic via a sentimental and nostalgic sound full of samples, glitches and drum machines: the result is an intricate, scintillating journey that hovers between familiar and strange, between delicate rhythms and abstracted melodies and atmospheres.
Since early 2017, he started collaborating with AudiogramLab’s founder Matteo Boscolo Nata (NO ONE KNOWS), exchanging knowledge and ideas, and working together as mix/master engineers.

Your loving Crayon Mortel:

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Chart on What People Play




27-02-2015 | Crayon Mortel: Piel

15-12-2017 | Crayon Mortel & Tracya: Dawn-Dusk









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