[51bts059] Hana Sent (feat. Dana J. Phoenix): Summer’s Long Shadows REMIXES


26.06.2020 || Synthwave, Retrowave, Remixes

“Summer’s Long Shadows (feat. Dana J. Phoenix)” is the synthwave / retrowave hedonist side of Hana Sent. The song awakens the romantic nostalgia related to the distant adolescence of the 80s, for those who have lived it and for those who are experiencing it today.

In REMIXES, beside the original “Summer’s Long Shadows”, you can enjoy its 360° reconstruction by 51beats’ artists:

The DUBBY Crayon Mortel (on Spotify)

The BASSY Double Precision (on Spotify)

The SLOWLY Jack Bags (on Spotify)

The DREAMY Martino Nencioni (on Spotify)

The TRIPPY Tracya (on Spotify)

Premierè at #Moskalus channel

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