J.Sintax is Federico Ferraris, a producer and dj from Turin, IT. J.Sintax combines analogic instruments with electronic experimentation and a strong dancefloor setting. J.Sintax is something about techno electronic experimental music, but also drama and darkness. His career started in 2004 playing techno sets, then he focus his efforts producing tracks with Reason, Ableton, Korg. After some gigs in Istanbul and Turin, his live set has been released on the polish radio Afera. In 2012 he became a Piemonte Groove YT, playing in some big festival (Collisioni, ClubtoClub,…). After some months in Cambodia, he starts new collaborations and projects inTurin, with a unique analog passionate sound.

J.Sintax&Sonambient” is the new fruitful collaboration between J. Sintax and Sonambient, with their debut album “ILLUSION” out on 51beats from January 2016.


06-01-2016 | J.Sintax&Sonambient: Illusion









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