[PREMIERE] Adriano Canzian_Ultraviolet @Moskalus channel

“Genuine sounds of da underground! Love this raw, acidic techno gem!”

Ultraviolet” is taken from the forthcoming “AGGRESSIVA_EP” by Adriano Canzian, to be published the 26th of May at 51Beats

Since 2003, Canzian is shaping a uniquely characterizing sound, which wisely deflagrates in AGGRESSIVA_EP. 51Beats is honoured to catch this up, and to celebrate the Adriano Canzian comeback!

AGGRESSIVA will be a 5 tracks EP, and 3 additional bonus tracks will be exclusively included in the limited edition CD on Bandcamp here: 51beats.bandcamp.com/

in the meantime, go back 10years to enjoy Macho Boy Females Reworked edition 2013:

[REVIEW] “Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3” at IGGY Magazine (FR)

“…we are completely a fan of this piece which brought together so many artists. …. we immediately assimilate it to 51 beats, because it brings together several extraordinary sounds.

“…contains musical elements that make our hearts beat and leave us speechless. The diversity of sounds offered to us takes us for a ride in a universe where the landscapes are fabulous.” 

15Years of 51Beats!

It has been a long and enthusiastic journey since the 1st of March 2008, when the first two releases by Gollywop and Spectacular Synthesizer were jointly released through our ‘home made’ website, without any social media, but with a good bottle of Prosecco! We are very happy so far: bunch of releases by emerging artists, parties, vinyls, and so many new connections and relationships have been established along the path, but most importantly: new friendships that will last forever.

Now we celebrate!

PARTY: Sunday 26 March 2023 @ARCI Bellezza (Milan): Dj Barefoot (live), Better Call Savnko (live), and 51Beats Djset (Robidat, Gollywop, Plasman, Andy Morello, and Alan Dj)

NEW RELEASE: we skyrocket “Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3“, the new episode of the label’s collection of emotions and dreams. It will be out in digital and exclusive limited edition CD, and officially presented at the party!