[REVIEW & INTERVIEW] Joao Ceser @The Last Future!

TLF: How was your last project born? / What do you want to convey in this work? What is the concept behind?

JC: “My last project is the “Orto.brz” EP that is part of a bigger one: BRZ. This project is a tribute to Brianza, the land where I’m actually living, and that I love. Talking with people around my age I noticed that a lot of them are in conflict with their native places and feel the need to move away and for me this is a sad thing. I think that sometimes people just try to escape their problems by physically moving away, but if you stayed you could see the beauty and probably also understand what the real problem is. So, with this project, I want to emphasize the aspects of the territory that I most love and help people connect with their roots.”
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