[REVIEW] Tracya’s Mindlux discussed @”Os Garotos de Liverpool”

“…Mindflux” é um EP que entrega para o público cinco faixas que trafegam pelo eletrônico e suas vertentes, passando pelo EDM, Dance, Techno, leftfield, entre outros, de maneira totalmente envolvente, instrumental e perfeita para as pistas/baladas, não deixando ninguém parado por um segundo sequer, prometendo poder embalar raves por toda sua extensão.” “…ótimas melodias, linhas de baixos e pads eletrônicos destacados…”

[REVIEW] A very accurate discussion about “Mindflux” by Tracya is online now @No Transmission (IRL)!

“…the drums succeed in creating a grounding element to the unpredictable music to which movement, of at least the head, is unavoidable. Through colourful glitches, hazy synths, and hypnotic basslines, these songs are more tranquil and viscerally impactful than their danceable nature first suggests.” …… “Mindflux is an enjoyable, often transportive, listen from a producer who works at the extremes of the techno and ambient spectrum. This results in a dichotomous mood where the thrill comes with the chill, and focused musical ideas are executed without repose.” 

[REVIEW] Infomusic (FR) to appreciate “notgood@sports” by Savnko: DISCOVERY!

“What jumps out at us is creativity.  The one that emerges in the vocal lines, in the production, in the work of a personal universe that clearly stands out from what is being done at the moment. In this EP, the nuggets are not lacking. Whatever your sensitivities, you will find your happiness in this project with eclectic accents which amazed us in many respects.”

[REVIEW] “Music for All” delighted by Tracya’s Mindflux!

“The furtive melodies propose a simply incredible spatial prognosis, bringing a new sigh to the electronic scene. 
We are talking in front of the newest release by the artist based in Milan, Tracya, the incredible firecracker “Mindflux”! 
Despite nodding directly to the tracks, it travels through a sumptuous cerebrality in its progression, reinforcing the undoubted emergence of one of those events that are born with the status of an anthem, such as the power dispensed.”