[51bts079] _Imnot__here: Outside


21.06.2024 || Electronic, Ambient

51beats is glad to present the debut solo work by _Imnot__here (aka Davide Barucca), a musician and multi-instrumentalist from Ancona, Marche region.
Outside” invites you to look outside, far away, focusing on the beauty of nature. It is an odyssey of sounds, rhythms, wind instruments, piano solos, all in a perennial crescendo; a journey to distant lands, perhaps imaginary, delicately outlined with pastel colours.
The synthesis of the modular, skilfully spread on the canvas in the form of arpeggios and circular sequences, creates a perfect substrate for the brushstrokes of piano and alto sax, with which _Imnot__here completes the soundscape and transports the listener between the sinuous lines of a world in perfect harmony. The _Imnot__here project fits with originality into the neokosmische trend of Emeralds, John Also Bennet, Jonathan Fitoussi and Plasman, among others.

Recorded in Ancona by _Imnot__here aka Davide Barucca

Mixed and mastered by Stefano “Stèv” Fagnani, Ancona
Cover artwork by Luca Bontempi

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“…neo-kosmische oddities, fourth world, sound design and synth-driven ambient…”

“Water…. a contemplative soundscape enhanced by secluded river flows…”

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“Admittedly, I’ve never been a massive fan of the EDM genres, but when it’s this good, I can’t help but love it! Tonylight is an amazing producer and artist who has recently released a new album, titled Lumanoide. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to and I’m sure fans of the EDM scene will dig it – find out more about the record below! (Jane Howkins, YC)

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Il sound è fresco …., fisicamente godereccio come le notti anni ’90, mentalista.
Nove tracce per provare l’ebbrezza di vivere come Pac-Man: sempre in movimento dentro un labirinto buio inseguito da fantasmini colorati…”