[51bts038] Micro: World’s Biggest Something


51beats is proud to present an IDM trip packed in Micro’s first solo album “World’s Biggest Something”. The journey to find “something” starts shy and worried about what it is going to be, being ensure about what should be, at 3.30pm.  “To Sleep” and “Daddy Long Legs” declare the rhythmic patterns and Nordic melodic atmospheres to reach acid sweetness with “Lev Tolstoj” pathos. Crispy effects in “Milkweed” fuse melancholy in sound, approaching deep understanding. “I Wish I Was” doesn’t care anymore, time to dance softly and then to reflect with epic feelings in “Porcelana”. “Naoko” is the goodbye, and the end is, for sure, the “Biggest Something”.


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Claudio Del Proposto, aka MICRO (μ), is an italian electroperformer from Rome. Micro took his first steps into elecronic music inspired by Aphex Twin. Later on, fascinated by minimalism and sound experimentation, Micro (μ) comes in love with the magics of “Intelligent Dance Music” – IDM, which is an intimate ingredient in all his compositions and performances. Being part of the acclaimed band YOUAREHERE (post-rock, idm), Micro(μ) also performs solo-live in a range of diverse contexts. To be highligted are his live shows in Luanda, Angola in October 2008. “WORLD’S BIGGEST SOMETHING” is the first album by Micro (μ), reflecting his multi-arts influences: from Tarkovskij to Fellini, from Ravel to Aphex Twin – an intense merging of obsessive rithms, melanchonic armonicisms, and citations.



Rockerilla n.389 Genn 2013 “IDM come non se ascoltava da tempo! IDM ma non solo, il suono firmato da Claudio “Micro” Del Proposto è una miscela avvolgente di elettronica …”

EXTRA Music Magazine “World’s Biggest Something di Micro (µ) è un debutto da salutare con gioia: ulteriore dimostrazione che c’è scintilla elettronica, forma di vita anomala, nel ventre molle e impoverito di Roma e della nostra perduta Little Italy.”

Sound Behind the Corner “…l’album concettualmente è al passo con i suoi tempi ed i visionari dell’IDM troveranno otto morbide tracce di gelatina sonora ad aspettarli,… “

Maccheroni Elettronici “…è tempo di ballare piano e in seguito di riflettere con i sentimenti epici ….”




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