[51bts076] Cirro: Monstera


Cirro is Fabrizio Baioni, a composer and musician actively engaged as a drummer in the Italian independent music scene. He currently plays in the “Pierpaolo Capovilla & I Cattivi Maestri” band, alongside Pierpaolo Capovilla (Teatro Degli Orrori, One Dimensional Man), Egle Sommacal (Massimo Volume), and Federico Aggio (Lucertolas).
Cirro is the founder and drummer of the bands “Drunken Butterfly” and “Leda”, composing and performing for the “Uomo Calamita” (Magneto-Man) show, which is performed with “WuMing2”, and the circus’ acrobat Giacomo Costantini from the Contemporary Circus Theater “El Grito”.
In 2018, Cirro self-produced his debut album “Sequoyah Teeth”. In June 2023, he participated as a percussionist in the composition and on-stage “Don Chichotte Ad Ardere” performance, by the “Teatro delle Albe” company from Ravenna, as part of the “RAVENNA FESTIVAL” directed by Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari.


[51bts075] Cirro: Luta

20.12.2023 || Electronic, Synthwave, Downtempo, Ambient

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