[REVIEW] Cirro: Monstera – un “Delirio digitale fra archetipi e tecnologie” (Il Manifesto)


“Un Ep che si inabissa nella contemporaneità liquida, dove macchina e uomo si fondono…”

“…plasticità artistico-creativa attraverso un prodotto per niente catalogabile, privo di confinamenti, per sondare lo spazio dell’oggi così drammaticamente schiuso e spaventosamente pulsante.”

(Luca Pakarov)

[REVIEW] Cirro is flying to Mexico @Cosmonauta Radio!


…. es una montaña rusa de emociones, ¡el dinamismo de este repertorio te llevará a una dimensión alterna y sumamente cautivadora! 

“Monstera” es un álbum muy interesante, alejado de los moldes tradicionales y encuentra una fragancia innovadora por medio de elementos de Electronic Pop, Dream Pop y Synthwave….

sonoridad onírica

[51bts076] Cirro: Monstera


25.01.2024 || Electronic, Synthwave, Pop, Downtempo

“Monstera” is the first official release by Cirro, aka Fabrizio Baioni. Mysterious voices, rough instruments, and intricate electronics all together create an atmosphere being simultaneously vibrant and hypnotic. “Monstera” is an intimate and deep sonic travel that brings you back to ancient times. Try to imagine yourself into the most remote age, feeling the energy and vibes of that times, but making use of the most modern artificial intelligence filter, which is on the other hand already trapped by present routines… Then you’ll feel how “Monstera” is a lament, a lament that gradually develops through deeper and precious hopes towards a brighter future, all in the name of an outermost sound deflagration…

Recorded, played and mixed in Macerata by Cirro aka Fabrizio Baioni.

Mastering by Simone Laurino at “Who Is Dead Studio”, Bologna

Cover Artwork by Andrea Galdo

Graphics edit by Andy Morello

[NEW MUSIC] We welcome “Cirro”, with his debut song “Luta”, a lapillus to create an imaginary universe….


20.12.2023 || Electronic, Synthwave, Downtempo, Ambient

Luta” is the first official single by Cirro, who just joined the 51Beats family. It will be out on Soundcloud and on Bandcamp, where you will also get the exclusive bonus track “Dark Sea“. These music pills anticipate the forthcoming album “Monstera”, out in January 2024.

“Luta” is a sparkling gem, a lapillus creating an imaginary universe where people invent a unique way to comunicate through melodies, sounds, and litanies.

“Dark Sea” brings us to the most distant and deepest see, where all around us disappear, leaving us breatless and surrounded by eternal atmospheres.

Cirro brings a fresh wave of simultaneously energetic and chilly sounds to jump into the new year by crossing genres and breaking boundaries. A hope for a brighter future, with music always being the wind at our back.

Recorded and mixed in Macerata by Cirro, aka Fabrizio Baioni // Mastered by Simone Laurino at “Who Is Dead Studio”, Bologna // Cover Artwork by Andrea Galdo, with edits by Andy Morello